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    • ...I got server errors just trying to post the link - you'll have to cut and paste the characters from http.... to the .html (inclusive)

      http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/article-2159991/FA-forced- Daniel-Levy-dirty-Harry-Redknapp--Des-Kelly.html

    • I don;'t know if anyone read this - what the heck anyway.

      The question I'd like to ask now is, what contingencies do you think Spurs had?

      On the assumption that:
      1) Levy was aware as anyone of 'arry's high regard for the England job
      2) The England board would never have accepted 'arry if he'd lost the tax case
      3) Levy doesn't act alone, Lewis is kept abreast of 'significant 'changes
      4) 'arry wins the case and is universally put forward as the England manager 'in waiting'

      Do you think that Levy/Lewis would have started at that point, to put plans in motion re a replacement manager?

      At that time, stories did start surfacing re the compensation Spurs would have wanted for 'arry.

      Irrespective of what then happened with results, CL, Hodgson etc. Do you think that 'arry's demise was triggered purley by the speculation anyway?
      What I mean there is maybe, until that point 'arry was relatively safe. Spurs weren't considering a new manager. But as soon as 'arry was linked to England each day, in virtually every paper/sports channel/ online.- the board had to start looking for a potential replacement. Did that act then in itself put doubts in their mind about 'arry?

      I would guess that Spurs have already had feelers out. I would think it would be not negligent as that is too harsh, but remiss of them not to have.

      So why now a delay? Is it a 'mourning period' - they got so slammed after the Jol/Ramos affair - do you think they are leaving a 'decent' period before being seen to do anything this time?

      I know Levy has had a bereavement. But as I say, I would have thought they would have been looking since Feb time anyway.
      Levy is back on Monday isn't he? Do you expect an announcement next week?

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      • Personally I don't have any doubt that when Arry made it clear he would accept the England job if it was offered plans were put in place to find a successor.

        This may have helped make the decision to let Arry go when he did not actually get offered the England job and if it did Arry has only himself to blame.

        It may be that Levy has/had a replacement in mind but for whatever reason it has A) fallen through (excessive salary demands!) or B) whoever it is cannot commit to signing the contract yet (Laurent Blanc!)

        If it is A then I hope they get it sorted ASAP to give the new man a chance in the transfer market and if its B then I would be reasonably happy if Blanc gets the job.

    • As for Jol, you are talking to the wrong man. I didn't like him and still don't now. IMO I think Jol was sacked for buying useless players and wasting money but thats just my opinion. The fact that he speaks like the Swedish Chef off The Muppets didn't help. Yes Jol was popular with some fans although I personally could never understand why. The moment he insisted on playing Tanio in MF I lost respect for the man. His sacking had nothing to do with Spurs thinking they could land a better manager IMO.

      As for Arry "pretending" all you have to do is look at the way he has handled the whole affair since being unceremoniously ignored by the FA. Half smiling and half joking about it as if he couldn't care less even though, as you have pointed out several times, he made very public statements about it being the pinnacle of a managers career. He was and is gutted about it. Then, having made it crystal clear he would have taken it if they had offered it even with a minimum wage salary, he feigns surprise that Levy is not happy. Instead of going cap in hand to Levy and admitting he got it wrong, he asks for a contract extension and more money.

      It is that last bit that gets to me. It is that why I am not sad to see him go. Up to that point I would have still said give him another year. Nothing to do with not liking the man - which I actually do - its the way he has acted since being dumped.

      The life savings analagy I thought I would throw in seeing as you like analagies so much and I can't see what you don't understand about it - its very quite simple - yes I like him as a cheeky chappie and good team motivator - would I trust him??? No - simples. Its not a character assassination FFS. Its my opinion as I am sure you must know people you would not lend a fiver too because you know you wouldn't get it back.

      You like him, you don't think he has done anything wrong, you think he has been dealt with unfairly, you think everybody else is picking on him - fine. You believe what you want but stop having a go at me because I (and others) don't think the same way as you do.

    • Blinkey blimey Sfer, that was a bit OTT don't you think?

      If that first paragraph is what you thought of 'arry, and given that all the things you appear to accuse him of, occurred way back (mostly before Spurs), then why on earth get on your high horse now?
      So I assume again that you opening comments are just vitriol.

      As I have tried to show you, which you seem to want to ignore, 'arry made most of the comments re his view of the importance of the England years back. It wasn't new (or news) to me - and I'm certain that you knew as well how 'arry regarded the job. I would then assume Levy did. So obviously 'arry's thoughts on the England job weren't all that got him sacked.

      As for your comment re Levy and 'risking the fans backlash' - Can I just ask then why Jol was sacked? Wasn't Jol popular with fans and squad? Wasn't Jol sacked because Spurs thought they could land a 'better' manager?

      The last about about 'arry pretending he doesn't understand and making out he's blameless. Can you point me to where he's said that, I must have missed it. Is it the same as your '...loads of people turned down the England job....' comment? Or is it a throwaway like the Gio as a sub comment?

      What on earth has your trusting him with your life savings to do with anything? Isn't that again another 'character' assassination comment like your opening paragraph? If you're that anti - why on earth would you have given him another year?
      You just seem to be raking up whatever you can to try to justify how you know feel about 'arry. Odd that all the things you accuse him off, he had done (or been accused of) up to 4-5-6 years ago.

      You're right. We'll never know.

    • SB,
      One question.
      When did 'arry first say that the England job was the pinnacle and that any manager would find it hard to turn down?

    • 100% agree sfer. i like the way u dont waffle on like a politican & avoid answering the question, unlike our "harry can do no wrong" poster john.

      harry wanted to leave us for the england job.
      he doesnt get the england job.
      he then goes to the media asking for spurs to commit to him!
      he then gets an agent to get him a pay rise & a 3yr contract extension.

      that was out of order, disrespectful & too cheeky!

      john will waffle on for pages defending harry for all of this, without actually having 1 good strong argument in his favour.
      such long weak cringing arguments too.

      john also changes his whole way of thinking to suit a defence of harrys!

      john, can u really not see how weak, poor, contradictory & pathetic your pro harry posts are?!

      john, u remind me of a hitler follower.
      no matter how many wrongs they commit, u still try to defend & justify it.
      swap hitler for harry!

    • Not to mention our one win away from home in the league in 2012, which in itself was a repeat performance from the previous season tail off......................Yes 4th place was great but it was the very least to expect giving our form up until the England job became vacant?? At the end we could of easily been 6th as-well?? I think the boards decision was clearly tipped by his courting of the England job and our dire dip in form which was 3 wins in 14 I think.
      Sacking Redknapp actually shows our ambition at the club !!

    • SB,

      'harry wanted to leave us for the england job.
      he doesnt get the england job.
      he then goes to the media asking for spurs to commit to him!
      he then gets an agent to get him a pay rise & a 3yr contract extension'

      If I was on the board, the above alone (discounting 'Arry's other short comings) would be enough reason to remove Harry.

      Using the media as Harry did as leverage to try and secure a bigger, better contact IMO shows a lack of respect to the club. I have nothing against him looking after him and his own, but he could have done this in the right way, IE sitting down mano-a-mano and negotiating.

      I don't believe Levy had much choice but to let Harry go, if a player was to use the media in this way to try and secure a BBD, then I think the same course of action would be followed.

      No player can be bigger than our beloved club, IMO no manager can be bigger either.


      Get the Vertonghen deal done.

    • Wayne,
      'arry got 30 points in the second half of the season. 30 points. Even at that rate its circa 60 points a season.

      If 'arry messed it up, I'd hate to think what your appraisal is of the managers we've had since 2001. I've not seen consistency like 'arry instilled since , what, the 1980's? That's then 30 years of managers not getting near what 'arry did?

      I would have liked in the last 30 years all the managers to have messed up as 'arry has - I think I would have been a happy supporter.

      That's not saying someone couldn't have done even better - maybe. But that's all hypothetical and we'll never know. I just know what 'arry did in the 4 years - and he did it with style.

      PS What was the contract he was offered - is there an article I can read as I must have missed it?

    • Well, I can see that we let a big lead slip. But that isn't the first time in history a club has done that. It happens all the time. It also happens in reverse. Look at Woolwich - their early season was poor, but second half good. Was Wenger then distracted by something - or is it just something that occurs?

      So even by your own statement Woolwich were 8pts ahead of us - didn't then Wenger let that lead slip as we ended up 1pt behind?

      '.....so that 30 points in the last half of the season just sounds like window dressing that Redknapp himself would use to pass the blame on to someone else!! .....'

      Window dressing? Good grief. We finished 4th. How quickly people forget when we used to habitually be mid table. And as for 'arry using that to pass the blame - pass what blame? And how would saying (even if he had) that we got 30pts in the second half of the season and finished 4th, be passing blame?

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