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    • ...I got server errors just trying to post the link - you'll have to cut and paste the characters from http.... to the .html (inclusive)

      http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/article-2159991/FA-forced- Daniel-Levy-dirty-Harry-Redknapp--Des-Kelly.html

    • I don;'t know if anyone read this - what the heck anyway.

      The question I'd like to ask now is, what contingencies do you think Spurs had?

      On the assumption that:
      1) Levy was aware as anyone of 'arry's high regard for the England job
      2) The England board would never have accepted 'arry if he'd lost the tax case
      3) Levy doesn't act alone, Lewis is kept abreast of 'significant 'changes
      4) 'arry wins the case and is universally put forward as the England manager 'in waiting'

      Do you think that Levy/Lewis would have started at that point, to put plans in motion re a replacement manager?

      At that time, stories did start surfacing re the compensation Spurs would have wanted for 'arry.

      Irrespective of what then happened with results, CL, Hodgson etc. Do you think that 'arry's demise was triggered purley by the speculation anyway?
      What I mean there is maybe, until that point 'arry was relatively safe. Spurs weren't considering a new manager. But as soon as 'arry was linked to England each day, in virtually every paper/sports channel/ online.- the board had to start looking for a potential replacement. Did that act then in itself put doubts in their mind about 'arry?

      I would guess that Spurs have already had feelers out. I would think it would be not negligent as that is too harsh, but remiss of them not to have.

      So why now a delay? Is it a 'mourning period' - they got so slammed after the Jol/Ramos affair - do you think they are leaving a 'decent' period before being seen to do anything this time?

      I know Levy has had a bereavement. But as I say, I would have thought they would have been looking since Feb time anyway.
      Levy is back on Monday isn't he? Do you expect an announcement next week?

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      • Personally I don't have any doubt that when Arry made it clear he would accept the England job if it was offered plans were put in place to find a successor.

        This may have helped make the decision to let Arry go when he did not actually get offered the England job and if it did Arry has only himself to blame.

        It may be that Levy has/had a replacement in mind but for whatever reason it has A) fallen through (excessive salary demands!) or B) whoever it is cannot commit to signing the contract yet (Laurent Blanc!)

        If it is A then I hope they get it sorted ASAP to give the new man a chance in the transfer market and if its B then I would be reasonably happy if Blanc gets the job.

    • Well we will never really know will we. You prefer to believe that tax dodging, bung throwing, illiterate man that let several other clubs down whilst at the same time saying all the things you are quoting now whilst I prefer to think that Arry got himself sacked through the way he handled the England job situation and probably through demanding too much (money and respect) when asking for a contract extension.

      Levy knew Arry was well liked from a team performance point of view and therefore why would he sack him and risk the fans backlash if he didn't believe it was in the best interests of the club?

      Don't get me wrong, it is well documented that I was very happy to have him appointed originally and I would have given him another year at least BUT he has to take some of the blame for what has occurred. Instead he pretends he doesn't understand why he was sacked and tries to make out he is blameless.

      I have met Arry and he is a charming man, charismatic, likeable - would I trust him with investing my life savings??? Not on your nellie.

    • Blinkey blimey Sfer, that was a bit OTT don't you think?

      If that first paragraph is what you thought of 'arry, and given that all the things you appear to accuse him of, occurred way back (mostly before Spurs), then why on earth get on your high horse now?
      So I assume again that you opening comments are just vitriol.

      As I have tried to show you, which you seem to want to ignore, 'arry made most of the comments re his view of the importance of the England years back. It wasn't new (or news) to me - and I'm certain that you knew as well how 'arry regarded the job. I would then assume Levy did. So obviously 'arry's thoughts on the England job weren't all that got him sacked.

      As for your comment re Levy and 'risking the fans backlash' - Can I just ask then why Jol was sacked? Wasn't Jol popular with fans and squad? Wasn't Jol sacked because Spurs thought they could land a 'better' manager?

      The last about about 'arry pretending he doesn't understand and making out he's blameless. Can you point me to where he's said that, I must have missed it. Is it the same as your '...loads of people turned down the England job....' comment? Or is it a throwaway like the Gio as a sub comment?

      What on earth has your trusting him with your life savings to do with anything? Isn't that again another 'character' assassination comment like your opening paragraph? If you're that anti - why on earth would you have given him another year?
      You just seem to be raking up whatever you can to try to justify how you know feel about 'arry. Odd that all the things you accuse him off, he had done (or been accused of) up to 4-5-6 years ago.

      You're right. We'll never know.

    • None of you guys were calling the guy worse than shyte when he dragged you up the league by the scruff of your necks. Took you into Europe and packed the fuskcing Lane out week after week.
      H---character assassination bureau.

    • My thoughts are that he was sacked for the teams capitulation in the second half of the last 2 seasons.
      IMHO Harry cost Spurs £1,000,000,000 by losing out on CL 2 years on the trot. Our relevant performances were relegation statistics!!!!

    • OH and H the lane is packed every home game with or without Harry. That's one of the reasons we need a new stadium (30,000 on the waiting list for season tickets).
      Players wages and eufas new ruling coming in mean we need the extra income.

    • You know exactly what I mean, Its. Just find it so disappointing when all was going so well. The nation wanted Harry, but the FA never did. Pity the guy's head was in bits when it all kicked off. Anyway he's gone, one more of the few remaining characters in our game backheeled.
      If it's not Moyes, then prepare yourselves for another so called high profile import talking broken biscuits and boring the arse of everyone.
      H---old fashioned tw@t.

    • "You prefer to believe that tax dodging, bung throwing, illiterate man that let several other clubs down whilst at the same time saying all the things you are quoting now"

      This is shameful below-the-belt stuff, sfer. Didn't take long for you lot to turn your back on 'Arry.

      Talk about kicking a man when he's down.

    • LTS,
      I'm not quite sure where you get one thousand million points from or what you mean by 'relevant performances' as I would have thought that all performances are relevant in the season.
      I do agree:
      1) The second half of the season wasn't as good as the first half in way of points gained.
      2) There was a run after Newcastle where the points gained, if projected over 38 games, looked like relegation form.

      The season wasn't split half/half for us either - we had an additional game in the second half so from recollection we got about 39 points from 18 games in the first 'half' and 30 points from 20 games in the second. So we should have done far better in the 2nd half.
      The bad run after Newcastle saw us get what? 6 points from 9 games? But if you then look at the other games after Christmas, it means we got 24 points from 11 games (which is CL type performance). So a real mess of inconsistency in results in the 2nd half - some CL stuff, and some relegation.
      I suppose though, that irrespective of where/how we got the points, we still got 4th.

      I would also have thought that Levy/Lewis and the board would have set targets for 'arry each season. I would guess, that 4th would have been the likely target. So, on that assumption, I would think that sacking 'arry for getting 4-5-4 would be a bit churlish - look at this to see what I mean - this is from the Des Kelly article:
      '....Back in 2001, Levy’s board announced a five-year plan that involved regular European football. That sounded a pipe dream when Spurs were languishing in 14th in 2004 or finishing a mediocre 11th in 2008, but Redknapp helped turn that ambition into a reality.....'

      Who since, 2001 has done that for us? Jol? 'arry?

      It just seems that the only managers we've had who have got close to fulfilling 'the plan' have both then been sacked (since 2001 we have done 9-10-14-9-5-5-11-8-4-5-4). I just find that all a bit odd. Hopefully it will turn out ok though and Levy et al will get a manager who can keep up or surpass the levels that both Jol and 'arry achieved.

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