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  • Jay Jay Jun 20, 2012 13:47 Flag

    Who's here that I recognize then?

    Hiya Yiddos, Anyone on here from the good ol days?

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    • I wondered if you were still about Fab....

      Just joking about the "winding up" mate....at my age it's more about winding down!! lol I'm staying away from the Gooner board as I wouldn't want to catch anything nasty...I see you are still a closet Yiddo though.. :0)

      To be honest mate I don't really know what's gonna happen this year at Spurs...it's a bit squeaky bum at the moment! Hopefully we can compete with The Arse again this year, especially with no Van Persie to worry about.. hehe

    • Strange Jay, we seem to have worked abroad at the same time in our kids lives. All in all I lost two or three years of their growing up - luckily it was in 6week to 3 month blocks mostly, so I did get back and see changes. But nevertheless it's time that you just can't compensate for with money. But at that time it felt like an obligation to say 'yes' to working away.
      Still, the last 10 years, I've worked mainly from home, so I caught/made up at the tail end of their teen years.

    • Know what you mean John....The only place I really ever explored when away working was Bangkok, but that was cos there was a delay on the job I was doing over there....I just wanted to get the job done in Bolivia and get back home so pretty much worked non-stop. Travelling on business sucks ass to be honest, I've got a 4 year old and a 7 year old and I have missed alot of things when I have been away. I always say never again but then the money starts changing my mind. I'm working in Portsmouth for the next 6 months so just down the road for me...excellent news!

    • Obviously I am not that memorable...lol

      I come back from a year in South America and can't quite believe what is happening....We didn't make the Champions League because Chelski fluked it...Harry is not England Manager and not Spurs Manager either! We are chatting up Villas Boas to be the new boss (what the f*ck??)...Modric and Bale are rumoured to be going...What the hell is going on? It's like I turned my back for a second and suddenly I'm getting raped by a whole rugby team!! My beautiful Spurs are falling to bits and nobody seems to have a clue about putting them back together.....Distraught is not the word...coming back to a Britain where a pint of milk is the same cost as a whole weeks shopping in Bolivia was bad enough!! oy yoy yoy!!


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      • Its not as bad as it appears Jay. Well, we are gutted about the CL thing obviously, but whether we are really in the shite will depend on who replaces Arry and how well they do of course.

        If Modric goes (which I think he will) and Bale goes (which I am not sure about) then we might be in trouble in terms of competing for 4th again. Depends on who replaces them and how well they do as well.

        And yes what is that AVB thing all about?? Out of what seems realistically available at the moment, I would go for Bilic or Blanc.

        But things could be worse. Welcome bck by the way.

      • Bolivia?

        Most of the old faces from a few years back are still here - SB, KM, NBR, Sfer, LTS, Rambro...or were until I pee'd them off......