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  • Sfer Sfer Jun 21, 2012 11:27 Flag

    Who's here that I recognize then?

    Its not as bad as it appears Jay. Well, we are gutted about the CL thing obviously, but whether we are really in the shite will depend on who replaces Arry and how well they do of course.

    If Modric goes (which I think he will) and Bale goes (which I am not sure about) then we might be in trouble in terms of competing for 4th again. Depends on who replaces them and how well they do as well.

    And yes what is that AVB thing all about?? Out of what seems realistically available at the moment, I would go for Bilic or Blanc.

    But things could be worse. Welcome bck by the way.

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    • Hello and welcome back Jay,

      The 'old faces' are all still here and there are a few new ones.

      Firstly, how amazing is Bolivia? Did you cycle the death road? Visit the national prison in La Paz? salt flats? A beautiful country, one of my faves.

      Secondly, although we've just parted ways with Harry and it appears that we will lose Luka, there is still much to be positive about a new stadium on its ways, a plethora of talent and apparently much needed improvements soon to sign for us (Vertonghen fingers crossed).

      It'd be nice to get a new manager in asap, despite Levy being much maligned, he is an astute business man and I'm sure he has a quality replacement in mind.

      If the rumors about AVB are true, that he's throwing his toys about, because we are considering other candidates, then it's a non-starter IMO.

      Sfer- I think Bilic has just signed for Lokomotiv Moscow, shame, he would have been a good appointment. It sounds like the France job is a nightmare, reports suggest the team are at each others throats again, if Blanc were to leave that job, I'd be happy with him.

      Personally I'd like to give Moyes a chance.


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      • Thanks for the replies guys....I should be back on here regularly now I'm back in Blighty.

        Didn't get to see much of Bolivia except the inside of a print factory and some of Santa Cruz, mostly just got pissed in the hotel and talked footy with the bar staff. Didn't feel like I could come in here and talk about the prem when I was not at the lane or immersed in the English footy scene...

        Bolivia is a great country but a little scary if you are not a tourist or loacl..I had a guy who picked me up from the hotel, took me to work and then dropped me back to the hotel...felt a bit weird going out on my own so I just did a Alan Partridge and stayed put in the hotel. It's nice to be back with my wife and kids, missed them loads.They came out and met me in Cancun for a holiday which was great.

        I will read up on the threads and start joining in soon....a part of me wants to go on the Gooner page and start winding them up for old times sake but I think I'll leave that one well alone!