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  • GILLEY/ALAN are you two for real
    HARRY possibly got sacked for a list of errors/ misjudgements as long as your arm these
    have been well documented on these pages
    but then he really threw a spanner in the works with his contract demands
    this i feel left levy with no option.
    if harry had shown a little common sense i think he would still have a job

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    • The guy's 65, vanessal, of course he wanted the next 2 or 3 years sorted. The guy was a complete failure---left with you lot 4th top in the best league in the world. Whoever comes in, I know you'll all get behind him---whispering.

    • I think the key word in your post is 'possibly'.

      I would be concerned if 'arry got sacked for any comment he made re England - as as I've tried to show, he has made comments about England for at least two years. So if he was sacked for that now, why not 2 years ago?Other EPL managers (obviously Hodgson) also all made comments- should they have been sacked? Martinez has openly be linked with two other clubs - should he be sacked?
      If Spurs do appoint Moyes - should they sack him straight away, because he has also voiced an opinion re the national managers job? (http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/football/666838-scotland-job-appeals-to-moyes).

      I'd also be concerned if:
      Levy sacked him for negotiating a contract - ghiven how Levy negotiates
      Levy sacked him for throwing away a 10 point lead, but still having achieved 4th and missing third by what 2 points
      Levy sacked him for not winning at Villa

      How are any of those 'sackable' offences?