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  • Layla Layla Jun 24, 2012 13:01 Flag

    redknapp's Firing

    "To me undoubtedly his biggest mistake was
    thinking he had Levy over a barrel and then
    conducting his contract talks in the media.
    This I am convinced was the final straw, and
    made his stay untenable.
    But in a Nutshell if Harry had signed the
    contract offered to him by Levy a couple of
    months ago, he would still be Spurs manager
    end of. "

    100% agree.

    venessalee, u will have to learn that john ignores posts like these because he has no argument for it.
    so he pretends it never happened.

    or he will be silly & say something like doing buisness through the media is the correct way to do things.
    even thou he doesnt belive that. he has to pretend to so that he can still defend harry going to the press for a longer contract.