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  • Jlock Jlock Jun 24, 2012 09:20 Flag

    redknapp's Firing

    I don't think Saha and Nielsen were wasteful - if you look at how 'arry worked, he used a sticking plaster approach. If there was a problem, 'arry fixed it. He didn't seem to plan 'future'.
    IMHO, I think that is more likely a reason why he had a problem with Levy et al. In the past we seemed to buy young(er) and look to develop players to sell on. That changed a bit, and we stopped selling. But still the 'ethos' appeared to be 'young'.
    'arry changed that (and it's difficult to know whether that was due to not having funds at the right time, not finding the right fit players, or simply failure in the transfer market) and seemed to buy to 'fix'. Bassong, Gallas, Nielsen, Saha were in my mind examples of that. Even Parker, who has turned into a good signing, is/was limited life.
    So, to me, even though some of the purchases worked, I could see that it may have gone against the grain with the board.
    What confuses me though, is that I would guess that the final say on any purchase is still with the board. So I'd be gobsmacked if they initially rubber stamped the purchases, and then later used them as a reason to sack him.