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  • Jay Jay Jun 25, 2012 17:08 Flag

    England performance

    Overall I think the performance at the Euros was much as I had expected...I felt a little let down by individual performances, for example, how many times do we see Walcott/Young skinning defenders in a rush to get to the byline and put in a cross yet that never really happened except the one time that Walcott went for it...

    It seemed to me that the players were afraid to express themselves, I don't know whether this was the system/Roy stifling them or if they just bottled it?

    On the plus side there was one highlight for me in the Ukraine game...Scotty Parker had just been twisted up severely on the edge of our box until he lost his footing and fell to the ground, instead of giving up the ghost he actually tried to tackle the player from a prone position....with his head!!! That's commitment for ya! :0)

    Until we get a manager I don't know what is going on at the Lane?! If we do well next season and don't lose half the squad to the circling vultures there is a fair bet that we will see Spurs players in an England kit once again...I hope!!

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    • Strange how people see things. I read that Parker should have been picking up Pirlo last night. From what I saw, I thought Roy had to the team to drop to two banks of four as soon as Italy got the ball, with then Rooney tracking back as Pirlo came forward.
      But it all just seemed negative.
      I agree re Walcott and Young - you would have thought with Young and Cole on one side, and Johnson and Walcott the other, we would have had a fair chance of scaring some defences, but they never looked to press on even when Walcott came on. Milner is ok as a worker, but he hardly scares defences.

      Whether it was a Roy plan, or just the team totally lacking confidence, I don't know - but the players seemed quite up for it, given some of the pre and during tournament comments I read. So they didn't appear to be lacking confidence.

      I just don't see many players in our (Spurs) team being future England players. Looks like it will need a couple of the youngsters forcing their way into the squad to even think of seeing Spurs players at the World Cup (on the proviso we qualify - and if we don't buy English talent in between).