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  • Sfer Sfer Jun 25, 2012 17:16 Flag

    England performance

    I thought, apart from the team spirit, passion and heart, that we were pretty awful throughout the whole tournament. Reaching the QF's was part luck and part playing even worse teams in the group.

    When compared to the other QF teams we were rubbish.

    Personally I put that down to just not having the talent available. We are at least 25% worse at trapping and keeping a ball than other international players and over 50% worse at playing off the ball. Every time a Spanish player gets the ball he has at least 2, and usually more, options as the other players RUN into spaces and ask for the ball.

    Our players find it hard to control a ball and then have no one to pass it to which means we give the ball away, sometimes by trying to pass it 50 yards.

    Rooney was absolutely crap but that was down to match fitness mostly. Milner was average at best and Young!!! Well he contributed nothing at all. Apart from Gerrard throwing in some excellent crosses, we "created" nothing. Carroll ran around like a bull in a china shop but at least he was trying. Apart from his goal Welbeck was ineffective.

    Given that all the defence had to do was block shots, they did ok and given that our strength is a do or die attitude then we can at least give ourselves some credit in that department but we won't win games by being willing to take the ball in the bollox will we!

    What was most obvious was our lack of a ball playing, defence splitter i.e. a Modric or Silva, Iniesta or Xavi for example. And unfortunately, I don't see any coming up through the ranks either.

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    • I think any time you play that defensive game and invite people on then it's largely down to luck if they don't eventually score. The commentators implied we were unlucky to go out on penalties, but we were lucky to have been in the QFs in the first place, and lucky to still have been in the game after 120 minutes - especially with the number of balls that went over our CB's heads and nearly found their target.

      The Chavs had luck on their side in the CL, and we had luck on our side in most of the Euro games.

    • The Italians highlighted a weakness in our play last night.....when teams like Spain and indeed Italy had 2 or 3 players closing them down they used it as a positive that there was space elsewhere on the pitch for their teammates and were cool and calm in releasing the ball to one of their own players. We, on the other hand, when presented with opposition players closing us down, panicked and ended up either hoofing it or giving the ball away. We need to instill some kind of confidence or something in our players to stop this happening....the world football scene has changed into a game about tactics and possession rather than a game where guts win out....we are f*cked basically! lol

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      • Exactly Jay.

        Its partly a lack of confidence by the player on the ball but its also about skill level. We just don't look comfortable on the ball and when pressured we panic and hoof it. BUT half the reason the Spanish and Italians did not do that is what happens OFF the ball.

        We had no options. Our players were walking around looking like they did not want the ball so we had no one to pass the bl00dy thing to. What type of football is that FFS!!!

        Its a shame because lots of people will point to the fact that we reached the QF's and say everything is ok or not too bad when the reality is we were very poor technically and that false hope will hold us back even more.

        If we cant find better than Milner and Young then what chance do we stand.