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  • Alan H Alan H Jun 26, 2012 15:26 Flag

    England performance

    Don't know why we beat about the bush, we are absolute shyte and have been for at least 5 years. Rooney once again proved that he's not a world stage player, a yard off the pace for whatever reason. Him, Young and Milner should have been gone at half time.
    If your gunna get beaten, for fuskcs sake go down giving it a real go and then us folk will respect them for that.
    H---embarrassed again.

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    • My sentiments. I'd rather not get out of the group, but give it a go.

      I think the overall frustration for me though isn't Roy or the team, but the total lack of foresight. I've lost count of the number of years the FA have spoken about changing it all, schools of excellence and changes at grass roots. But still the same. I bet kids still come through the same way. Playing on boggy pitches in freezing rain where size and brawn are more valuable than skill. Until the work horse ethos is taken out of the kids game, it will filter through as it's hard to reverse engineer something that's been engrained for years.

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      • Reminds me of my Apprentice days. Run a bit, run a bit more then some 6 a-side before the shower.

        I spend quite a bit of time in Spain and I have yet to see a kid without a ball at their feet. All the training is about the ball whereas here it is treated like a surprise present you should be grateful for as and when you are allowed to actually kick one.

        That was the case in 1975 and it is the case now. Its not going to change anytime soon and therefore we will continue to churn out the Joey Bartons of this World - shame on us.