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  • Sfer Sfer Jun 26, 2012 16:11 Flag

    England performance

    Reminds me of my Apprentice days. Run a bit, run a bit more then some 6 a-side before the shower.

    I spend quite a bit of time in Spain and I have yet to see a kid without a ball at their feet. All the training is about the ball whereas here it is treated like a surprise present you should be grateful for as and when you are allowed to actually kick one.

    That was the case in 1975 and it is the case now. Its not going to change anytime soon and therefore we will continue to churn out the Joey Bartons of this World - shame on us.

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    • Some great posts on here and I agree with you
      all, anyway here is my two bobs worth.
      I think our players are better than that but their skills were severly docked by Roys
      medieval tactics.
      No, we are not as skillful as Spain, but even if we had L.MESSI up front, we would'nt stand
      a cat in hells chance oif winning the euros,playing 8-1-1.
      Maybe if we had played proper football are players would have acquitted themselves a bit better, and not made us a laughing stock.
      I actually felt sorry for some of the players.
      Can you imagine having to obey the instructions of a conmplete moron.
      I am struggling to think of a worse appointment the F.A. could have made, he has taken us back years.
      Phew! rant over. COYS.

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      • agreed. we we're fortunate to get to the QFs.

        gerrard was our best player. parker did his job well.
        disagree about marking pirlo. pirlo plays far too deep & drifts around for parker to have stayed on him. if he man marked him it would have left gerrard on his own in the middle & we would have been even more dominated.
        it was rooney or welbecks job to stop him.
        roy would have told parker to stay back & defend. not go following pirlo around.

        welbeck is good at holding it up but not a big goal treat & isnt a natural finisher. his poor scoring record for utd highlightes this.
        young was poor through out. he is a hit & miss player. sadly was a miss thoroughout. rooney just gets exposed at the highest level for being so over rated by us english fans.
        millner works hard but is very limited.
        to be honest we have no world class players.

        we are technically very poor. even a lot of the teams ranked below us are much better technically.

        we cant look after the ball & keep it.

        its an old problem that only hit home after the shambles of the last WC.

        the GOOD NEWS- the F.A have finally realised where we are lacking in the technical department so have made some big changes in kids coaching.
        obvious stuff that u would think would already be in place!
        smaller balls, pitches,goals. less kids on each team. up the age where u begin matches. all stuff like that.

        but it will be another 15years until we see any of these players.
        so we cant win a cup until at least then.

        but at least they have finally realised their is a big problem.

        we cant keep the ball & rely on strength & power far too much.

        i could go on but its nothing we already dont know.

        the other GOOD NEWS strictly as an england fan is wilshire.
        he is very good & will be a very creative CM for us in the next 10 yrs. was a big miss.

      • I'm not sure Roy is a moron. I would give the man time, as taking over a job like England with just a few weeks to prepare for a major tournament couldn't have been easy.
        Maybe the tactics he used, he used because he thought that was his best option given the time he had to mould the squad.

        If I was the FA, I would use the World Cup to see what progress he makes and in what direction, but not really expect the main changes to take effect until the next Euros.