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  • Sfer Sfer Jun 27, 2012 11:16 Flag

    England performance

    Having accepted the Managers position, if Roy then allowed others to tell him he had to take Terry and ignore Rio, what does that say about him and the muppets running the FA?

    We all know that PL footballers, and other rich celebrities, get special treatment from the Courst so no suirprise really is there.

    There were only two real choices weren't there? Roy was the safest of them from the FA's point of view. Who else was there that would not have been seen as either "another foreigner" (after two failed attempts) or "too young/inexperienced" both of which would have invited the wrath of the British press?

    Given the apparent size of the task in order to make England a side to be taken seriously, Roy is definately not the Messiah IMO. Safe yes but the longer we stick with safe the longer the road becomes behind the others.