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  • Layla Layla Jun 27, 2012 12:43 Flag

    Hello Gylfi Sigurdsson = bye bye Modric?

    john, carry on doing your own weird interpretations.

    u seem to never do this with harrys words.

    he talks us up for the title like u say.
    but then he says he is happy to settle for 4th & hope other teams do us a favour.
    surely with your views, u think he should have gone for 3rd more. especially as he thinks we can be title challengers.
    i could go on & on john. but u will never admit it & u will change the argument.

    my point was modric is at a team who settled for 4th knowing there was a chance this wouldnt be good enough for a CL place.
    i personally belive modric deserves to be at a team who is in the CL every year.

    but u can twist it how u like to defend everything harry!

    we are 3rd-harry says we can win the title.
    3rd is within grasp- harry says he will settle for 4th & hope others do us a favour.
    a win against villa is within grasp- harry says he will always settle for a pt with 10men.

    u seriously dont think he has contradicted himself big time their.
    we are 3rd yet harry says we can challenge for the title.
    we are 4th-harry says we should settle for that & hope others do us a favour.
    we are drawing at villa with 10men-harry says we should setlle for a pt.

    why do i even bother. u will never admit harrys contradictions & mistakes.

    i think i know why!

    harry says we can win the title-
    at the same time john says reach for the stars & go for the top blah blah blah.

    harry says settle for a pt at villa & hope others do us a favour-
    john says a pt is a good pt & u shouldnt risk going for the 3pts as u could lose the 1pt u got.

    harry says he settle for 4th as usual that gets u CL football.
    john says at the begining of the season 4th was our aim, so we should stick with that.

    john has become more & more deluded!