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  • Layla Layla Jun 27, 2012 15:05 Flag

    Hello Gylfi Sigurdsson = bye bye Modric?

    "What worries me though, is if that is the case and that is honestly what you believe, why have Sfer and SB both said they would have given him another year? A manager who doesn't want to get as high as possible?

    If that is the yardstick for normal, then I'm quite glad that I'm classed as weird. "

    john, i think that shows a lot about u then us.

    part of your problem is everything is so black & white.

    life & football are much more complex.

    if u see everything so black & white then u will find most people who dont think like that weird.

    anyway. to answer your question.

    harry has done a lot of good things for spurs.
    he has also recentley made quite a few mistakes.

    i would have given him another year because of the previous work he has done. yes u can pick holes in my reasoning but i think lots of good work deserves to buy u some time.

    u dont like the way i say i like harry but then criticise him.

    the fact u find that so weird says more about u john.

    even with the best managers, fans can find lots of things they did wrong. it doesnt mean they cant say they like them because they criticise them.

    for example fergie. he has been superb for utd.
    but obviously utd fans can list tons of mistakes he has made.
    this doesnt mean they cant say they like fergie because they criticise him.
    he has made a lot of bad signings.
    he still thinks his CM area is strong enough. it has clearly been far too weak for a few yrs now.

    but they realise all the good stuff he has done clearly out weighs the mistakes.

    these mistakes are inevitable. no manager is flawless.

    if u think so black & white like u, either u are flawless or u are bad. u give yourself no middle ground & u make things far too simplistic this way.
    but to make matters worse u then go in to great depth & things that arent as relevant.

    i think harry cost us big time last season. he messed up badly with previously mentioned decisions. we will lose modric & a lot of money because of it.
    this is good enough reason to sack harry on its own.

    im a soft touch, i would give him 1 more year to learn from his mistakes as a reward for previous good work he has done.
    i think more because i want to see him do well & it work out between the club & him.

    but do i think harry will learn from his mistakes & take us foward?
    NO! he has become more stubborn in his mistakes.
    & now finds it hard to admit making any when he so obviously has. in interviews he has become annoying like daglish.

    levy has made a brave decision in sacking harry.
    but i do think its the right one because i dont think harry will learn from his mistakes & i do think he has limitations in his attributes.

    huge contradiction from me! i say id give harry 1 more year but i dont belive he will take us foward.

    hard for u to understand john, i know!

    levy doesnt want to waste another year on harry especially after the way he went about contract negotiations.
    it was really taking the P.

    another reason i would have given harry another year is because there isnt many better managers about we could attract.

    im sure if we dont finish top 4th next season, people say we would have done with harry. but i disagree.

    if anything next season will be much harder. chelsea cant be as bad. arsenal & liverpool hugely under performed too.
    so unless all 3 of them under perform again, next season will be a lot tougher to get top 4. especially without key man modric.
    main reason modric is going, lack of CL football.
    thats harrys doing!