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  • Jlock Jlock Jun 27, 2012 15:54 Flag

    Hello Gylfi Sigurdsson = bye bye Modric?

    '...part of your problem is everything is so black & white.

    life & football are much more complex....'

    So are you saying that 'arry didn't just say 'I'll settle for 4th' - and it was more complex than that? What did he actually also say he wanted to finish above Woolwich and that CL was the all? I don't recall you quoting those parts though SB.

    Strange, I thought I was the one who was being 'grey' and that it was you who kept trotting out the same 'black and white' phrase.
    I thought it was me who pointed out you can't take 'arry's comments out of context - as the media was apt to do - and that you had to read the whole thing in context.

    Oh well, that's me being weird and black and white and pathetic and sad and delusional and ....


    You do make me smile...