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  • Sfer Sfer Jun 28, 2012 10:59 Flag

    Hello Gylfi Sigurdsson = bye bye Modric?

    Apart from the fact that SB was commenting about Modric and not Arry when she said "..sad to see him go etc" your rant I replied to was;

    ...John - just beacuase Arry said something does not mean he meant it - ask the Pompey and Saints fans! ...'

    Really? So you think 'arry purposely wanted 4th or less, so that Levy could sack him? You're not seriously saying that 'arry didn't try to get CL football are you? If that's the case, why encourage the team pre Christmas. Why not sabotage them then?
    Can I ask two things - what would have been the benefit to 'arry to NOT have achieved CL football?
    What would have been the benefit to 'arry to HAVE achieved CL football?

    Give me the motive Sfer.....

    As I have already said - you are confused. Please re-read my last post. I don't have to give you a motive as I never implied what you have said above. You misinterpreted what I was saying.