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  • Sfer Sfer Jun 26, 2012 16:06 Flag

    Hello Gylfi Sigurdsson = bye bye Modric?

    These two are far too similar in style to play in the same side aren't they? If the rumours are true, and we have beaten Pool to his signature, does that mean we have resigned ourselves to losing Modric?

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    • Seems that the man has signed.
      Hopefully that doesn't mean anymore than we have an additional midfielder.

    • Sfer,

      I've just read this on-line. I wasn't aware that we were after Gylfi- Who knew? This could well be an over active rumour mill!

      I have resigned myself to losing Luka, I'm surprised that it hasn't already happened. IMO Luka wasn't his usual superb self in the second of the season. Madrid or Manchester will get the little man I reckon!


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      • I agree Joe. I think Modric has gone already. If that is the case though, and if these rumours are true which seems to be the case, I would be reasonably happy with Sigurdsson especially as it would have been a deal done with no Manager in place.

        It would show that Levy is at least making sure we don't end up at the start of the season without a replacement for one of our best players.

        My main concern though is who we have up front. I have heard nothing about Adebyor who presumably has gone and is too expensive anyway. If I am right, that leaves us with only Defoe and not a lot of time (or money!) to get at least another two strikers in.

        That would be galling enough but then seeing Ar$e sign two strikers already makes me very frustrated. We need to get the new manager sorted and in ASAP.

    • ha ha ha. funny joe.

      at first i thought john knew he was lieing but enjoyed arguing.

      now, after this bombshell i think he must be deluded!

      it is a big break through!

      '2) went for finishing as high as we could throughout the whole season.

      I never saw anything else."

      he genuinely thought harry went for finishing as high as possible despite harry saying he settled for 4th & settled for a pt at villa.

      we could have got 3rd but harry openly admits he settled for 4th.

      john sees it as harry finishing as high as possible!

      grand delusions!

      after chelsea win the CL harry says he wouldnt change a thing.
      he would still settle for 4th & hope for others do us a favour.

      john sees it as harry finishing as high as possible!

    • Sfer,
      Sorry must be how my browser lays out the threads.
      I thought the conversation went something like:

      SB posts on 26th @6:31pm....some comments about Modric that goes onto include the quoted comment below.

      I reply quoting SB on 27th @ 7:20
      -------------------------Me to SB
      '...sad to see him go but he deserves to be at a team thats at least in the CL. not 1 who settles for less....'

      I take it that is another little dig? ;-). I'm quite happy to go on replying to this sort of stuff.
      No, we didn't 'settle' for less. If you think 'arry purposely didn't try to get as high as possible, then that's up to you - but please recall you were also the one having a go at him when he was talking the team up for a title push. Odd for a manager who 'settles for less' don't you think.

      Sent with a smile from my raspberry ;-).

      IE I'm talking about SB's allusion to a team that settles for less than CL. I say how does that equate with what 'arry had already said re pressing for the title

      You then post on the 27th @ 10:02:-

      ---------Sfer to SB and Specific comment to me
      As far as I can tell he is a good playmaker to go along with that good long shot you mention SB. However he is not that quick and not great in the air but if he is given time and plays in the right position (at the head of MF) he could be great for us.

      John - just beacuase Arry said something does not mean he meant it - ask the Pompey and Saints fans!

      So I read that you're saying to me that 'arry doesn't mean all he says - I assume that is in my response to SB re 'arry's comments about pressing for the title. So I then ask you (27th @10:25) what motive 'arry has in not meaning what he says in this instance:

      ----------- Me to you -----------------------------------
      '...John - just beacuase Arry said something does not mean he meant it - ask the Pompey and Saints fans! ...'

      Really? So you think 'arry purposely wanted 4th or less, so that Levy could sack him? You're not seriously saying that 'arry didn't try to get CL football are you? If that's the case, why encourage the team pre Christmas. Why not sabotage them then?
      Can I ask two things - what would have been the benefit to 'arry to NOT have achieved CL football?
      What would have been the benefit to 'arry to HAVE achieved CL football?

      Give me the motive Sfer.....

      I'm not sure how else I could have taken the above exchange.

      If that isn't the order of the conversation or I've misquoted anyone in a misleading way, then I sincerely apologise.

    • Joe,
      I think you're severely confusing results with wanting to win.

      If you Sfer and SB honestly think that 'arry didn't try to finish as high as he could than that amazes me.

      What worries me though, is if that is the case and that is honestly what you believe, why have Sfer and SB both said they would have given him another year? A manager who doesn't want to get as high as possible?

      If that is the yardstick for normal, then I'm quite glad that I'm classed as weird.

    • JL,

      I certainly haven't classed you as 'weird', but hey, if the hat fits?

      I don't believe Harry did all he could to finish as high as possible, IMO he made errors across the board, transfers, loanee's, tactics, personal ambition. I believe his media interaction 'courting' took some of his attention away from what should have been his primary concern....US. And I believe after what he said to the media regarding his contract and the mass of contradictions, he gave the board and Levy little option.

      I could go on and on regarding Harry's short comings, but he is no longer our manager and I feel we should move on. There is nothing that can be achieved by rehashing these debates ad infinitum.


      Villa-Boas? Hummmmm, really?!

    • "A manager who's lost the plot and doesn't want CL football or to finish higher than CL qualification... If that's your ideal candidate, it shouldn't be hard finding a replacement for 'arry."

      lets end this thread at that! if u dont think u are being black & white then that shows u are deluded. u cant be any less grey when u say stuff like that!

      if u cant see how silly u are being with your argument above then i give up!

    • Precisely SB, and I think 'arry did:
      1) go for a title challenge when it looked possible
      2) went for finishing as high as we could throughout the whole season.

      I also think he went to win the CL when we were in it.

      I never saw anything else.

    • SB,
      How is that being black and white SB as aren't those comments that you have said and in some cases keep insisting on?
      It seems that whenever I quote what you say , I'm being black and white. When I then point out I'm not black and white, you tend to then agree with that (ie that I'm not black and white) and imply that I'm too grey.

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