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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Jun 27, 2012 19:05 Flag

    Bale signs new contract

    Have to say......Bale is not the most intelligent looking player.


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    • But what skill is there in looks?

    • And Wiltshire is eh Fab!!

      If I were you I would be tempted to be a little quite until the RVP situation is sorted out.

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      • So Bale has signed a 4 year extension! Great news!

        Although he was mildly exacerbating at times last season, his quality is undeniable (top draw), If only he was English!

        Now, my question is, does Bale know something that we don't? other than the full cast of Planet of the Apes, on a personal level.

        Bale could walk into ANY team in the EPL and most CL teams throughout Europe, he would also certainly earn more wherever he went and IF he wanted to leave for those reasons, now would be an ideal time. We are manager-less, it seems we will lose Luka, We need serious investment if we are to progress next season and the signings we are trying to make seem to be fraught (Vertonghern). So in-spite of all these reasons, that Bale could use to walk or force a move, he opts to extend (and improve) his current deal!


        What is going on at the lane that makes him want to stay?

        That rapid man-ape knows something we don't! I tell thee!

        I have heard the rumblings of rumour or two, but I'm fascinated to hear other people opinions first.


        Now COYS!!!!!!

      • Bale, to me, looks like an old Disney character, perhaps, an older version of Dopey out of Snow white and the seven dwarfs? Or one of Goofys extremely idiotic 'friends'.

        But then, maybe it's just me who thinks poor Gareth wouldn't look out of place window licking.

        As for the 'RVP situation', as i have said elsewhere, whether he goes or stays is no big deal IMO. Wenger digs up diamond after diamond and has already signed two new strikers.Spurs were reliant on an old Wenger striker find only last season were they not?

        That said, i would obviously rather Robin chose to stay as he is clearly one of the best around today.