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  • Jlock Jlock Jun 28, 2012 07:48 Flag

    john,the 1st step is admitting u have a problem

    '.......we are 3rd-harry says we can win the title.
    3rd is within grasp- harry says he will settle for 4th & hope others do us a favour.
    a win against villa is within grasp- harry says he will always settle for a pt with 10men......'

    I think I've addressed this umpteen times. But I'll do it again if you want.
    When 'arry said we could win the title, we were on a run of form that was the best in the league (I think from recollection) - at the 'half way mark' we already had 39 points. So as I said at the time and will repeat again, when 'arry said that we could win the title, I agreed with his comment, as with that form, that was possible.

    '....we are 3rd yet harry says we can challenge for the title.
    we are 4th-harry says we should settle for that & hope others do us a favour.
    we are drawing at villa with 10men-harry says we should setlle for a pt.....'

    Rlease just replay this - 'arry's comments after Villa.

    ...and now don't take comments out of context. He says thoughout the interview if he thought we could win. He says that obviously winning would have set us clear, and that he thought there was only one winner.
    If you want me to comment on on 'arry's comments that he may have made elsewhere - give me the link or the transcript - BUT please don't just take a 'one liner' 'soundbite' and quote it out of context. Surely they still teach that at school - that when you precis, you have to capture the essence of what's said, and not give a false impression?

    I've already given you the transcript after the Norwich games as well, where 'arry basically says the same thing.

    '...harry says settle for a pt at villa & hope others do us a favour-
    john says a pt is a good pt & u shouldn't risk going for the 3pts as u could lose the 1pt u got....'

    The first phrase. No - as I said above - quote all of what 'arry said in context. As for my 'quote'. Again, I suggest you go back and quote what I said in context SB, as I think you're doing what's known as 'selective editing'.