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  • Graeme Simkins Graeme Simkins Jun 29, 2012 10:17 Flag

    john,the 1st step is admitting u have a problem

    SB, your constant character assassination of John is getting boring to say the least.
    EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion and they're also entitled to contradict themselves (whether you did or not John), change their mind - whatever, including you.
    But for crying out loud give it a rest.

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    • I agree.

      I have had my run ins with SB and eventually stopped trying to change the way she posted certain thoughts.

      I have also tried to get John to accept that he is not always right - as we all are not - but I have given up there as well.

      When SB meets John there is an impasse that cannot be resolved so lets move on and get back to discussing Spurs and football matters and let everybody accept that we are not all going to agree all of the time.

      After all - its only a game!!

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      • Whoa Sfer,
        I have all along been expressing MY opinion - I have never tried to force it on either you or SB as being 'right' and the only view. I simply have stated what I saw, and used actual quotes/stats etc to back it up. If you have a different opinion then that's fine by me. I am happy to disagree - but where does right/wrong come into that?

        BUT, just read back through you're posts and see where SB and you say that I'm 'wrong' - NOT that our opinions differ - as if it is only your opinion that matters or can be correct. Wasn't it you who implied that I didn't know how to apologise when I was 'wrong'....wasn't it you who kept repeating how you'd hate to live in my world (the implication being that, what?, only your view of the world is valid?)......

        And Sfer, the above isn't a rant either. I tend not to rant - ramble yes, rant no.