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  • Sfer Sfer Jun 29, 2012 11:58 Flag

    john,the 1st step is admitting u have a problem

    I agree.

    I have had my run ins with SB and eventually stopped trying to change the way she posted certain thoughts.

    I have also tried to get John to accept that he is not always right - as we all are not - but I have given up there as well.

    When SB meets John there is an impasse that cannot be resolved so lets move on and get back to discussing Spurs and football matters and let everybody accept that we are not all going to agree all of the time.

    After all - its only a game!!

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    • Whoa Sfer,
      I have all along been expressing MY opinion - I have never tried to force it on either you or SB as being 'right' and the only view. I simply have stated what I saw, and used actual quotes/stats etc to back it up. If you have a different opinion then that's fine by me. I am happy to disagree - but where does right/wrong come into that?

      BUT, just read back through you're posts and see where SB and you say that I'm 'wrong' - NOT that our opinions differ - as if it is only your opinion that matters or can be correct. Wasn't it you who implied that I didn't know how to apologise when I was 'wrong'....wasn't it you who kept repeating how you'd hate to live in my world (the implication being that, what?, only your view of the world is valid?)......

      And Sfer, the above isn't a rant either. I tend not to rant - ramble yes, rant no.

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      • Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddddd............there it is again, as if to prove my point exactly you do it again.

        Yes you express an opinion and if someone disagrees you go to extraordinary lengths (literally) to prove your opinion is the correct one and the other persons is not the right one. When one person expresses an opinion it is just that but when another disagrees and tries to prove the first person is wrong in their opinion the situation IMO changes to a "right or wrong" one.

        "wasn't it you who kept repeating how you'd hate to live in my world (the implication being that, what?, only your view of the world is valid?)......"

        There you go again - "kept repeating" Eh no actually (and I think I can safely say this as a fact) I said it only once but don't let that little fact stop you exagerating John. And no the implication is not that only my view is right, thats just you as usual misinterpreting things to suit your argument. In fact, just to be clear, the implication was that I would not like to live in your World thinking that nobody else but me was right. I think that is exactly the opposite of what you are alleging. i.e. I like living in a World that has different opinions in it. Even SB's though I don't always agree with her the fact is that her different opinions makes some posts interesting.

        Can I ask a question? 25 to 30 hands? That horse you are sitting on.

        I fully expect a very long reply with stats gallore, misinterpretation, quotes, old postings in support of your argument, twisted words and phrases and ramblings that make the Wombles look lazy but if that is the case you will simply be proving what I have said to be correct.

        If you insist on keeping this up I don't mind but I will probably just get bored to the point where I put one word after each of your ramblings and that word will be "word". Just so I can have the last one ;-)