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  • Jlock Jlock Jul 2, 2012 07:34 Flag

    Wot? No AVB?

    My brother threw into the conversation yesterday that he'd heard that we're about to be bought as a club by a Middle Eastern bunch.

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    • I think your brother could be right John, it may have been an interview on TALKsport, can't say for certain where i heard/read the story but we should see a considerable influx of money from a middle eastern group/person who will not be buying the club but investing.
      This money is ear-marked for purchases of quality players, and better wages,this was a major factor in Bale's new contract.
      If this story is true maybe we could see a new stadium and some amazing talent coming to the Lane.If this is the case i'd happily take all the crap that Man City have had the last few years to have the same results.
      Either way, if does/doesn't happen, with a new manager and new players this is an exciting time to be a Spurs fan. I am nervous, concerned and a little worried about which way the cards could fall but excitment is the foremost emotion i'm feeling.
      Can't wait 'til August.....COYS COYS COYS

    • JL,

      I have also heard very similar rumblings!

      I understand all will be clear by Wednesday (4-7-2012)

      Interesting times,