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  • longtimespur longtimespur Jul 4, 2012 09:57 Flag

    Wot? AVB?

    John, good morning. As far as I remeber the papers were linking him with the Chelsea job, Liverpool and Monaco as well. "No smoke without fire"
    When asked about the England job instead of just saying something like "It's the pinnacle of any "English" manager's career" he should have said something along the lines of "Well I have a really good job here at the moment with tremendous players and fans so I am pleased to be managing Spurs" But, being him who only thinks of himself, drops some obvious asides and let's all and sundry know he wants it.
    We are discussing HR so as for Moyes, well sorry but I think that would have been a retrograde step anyway, also Hodgson is nothing to do with it either, so to me that's irrelevant.
    Obviously I am not privy to such matters as "Terms of any contract" but suffice it to say it was reported in the majority of the press and no I don't believe all I read in there either!! But as it's said "No smoke without fire"