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  • I'm not sure.
    But, hey, I wasn't sure about 'arry either. So, I'll reserve judgement on him till after a couple of seasons.
    Hope he does well.

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    • Did he SB? Did the press ask 'arry or did 'arry phone the press?

      Id you look at the discussion with LTS you'll see that I also can't find a quote where Spurs offered 'arry a new contract in Feb/March - can you point me at one?

      Do you think that it's that bad to ask for a contract extension when you enter the final period? Is it wrong for Woolwich to ask RVP or for Spurs to ask Bale/Modric or whoever to sign extended contracts? I'm a bit lost as to why its wrong for the manager, but ok the other way round.

      Isn't what 'arry said true - ie you don't leave players til the last year and if Spurs wanted to keep 'arry, then the same applied (that's paraphrased by the way) - but it was up to Spurs, if they wanted to offer a contract then fine.

    • fab, u are forgetting he went to the media to try to get a contract extension & put pressure on the club to give him 1.

      i would have hoped by now he could deal with the club directly without blabbering to the media.

    • fab, u are forgetting he want to the media to try to get a contract extension & put pressure on the club to give him 1.

      i would have hoped by now he could deal with the club directly without blabbering to the media.

    • LTS,
      I don't think they write much - the AVB gets 3 year contract is just the 'arry story regurgitated, even including the £50m war chest - so it looks like cut and paste with a quick find and replace.
      At least the AVB story has some substance behind it though.

      What is now losing me is who is really buying the players, especially given the Gylfi bit. If 'arry was promised £50m, did he start things going back in March (somehow I really doubt that)? And Vertonghen - was that 'arry? Or did they talk to AVB prior to him signing and start the negotiations to buy the players he wanted (that would seem a bit risky should AVB have then not signed) - OR is it all controlled by Levy anyway?
      I suppose another option is that whoever is left of the coaching team had input (is that just Tim Sherwood now, or are Sir Les and Clive Allen still there?).

      Well, at least things are moving and are IMO looking 'positive' (I would treat inaction at this point as 'negative').

    • Seems so John, things have changed. Press write virtually what they want to now.

    • LTS,
      Can you give me a ref of where 'arry was actually offered a contract? And/or then rejected it?

      I've read through umpteen articles around Feb/March and it appears that most are based on the same '...Spurs are planning to offer 'arry a contract...' bit. Some appear to twist that and do the usual '...Spurs Offer 'Arry 3 Years'....but still have the same detail - and most admit that at the time Levy was in Florida.
      I then see 'arry responding to questions about the 'alleged' new contract and simply saying (and I paraphrase) '...I'd be happy to discuss a new contract but one hasn't been offered. It will happen when it happens, I'm not chasing it. Levy seems to want me to stay...'.
      Have you got anything that quotes Spurs, 'arry or anyone apart from a tabloid hack that actually says that 'arry was offered a contract and that he rejected it?

    • Fab,
      It's difficult to judge a 'good manager' isn't it? But that's the luck of the game (and life in general) isn't it? Being in the right place at the right time.
      When 'arry was asked years back re the England job, he basically said that there are loads of 'English' lower Division managers that he thought could do a good job even at National level and knew about football. But, he knew as well as we all do, that they'll never get a chance.
      AVB then has two seasons + in mainstream management, and is lauded as the next messiah. I think I'd prefer a manager who had been through a few ups and downs and learned how to treat/handle both success and failure (I suppose you could say that is what AVB's experience is on the nail!)

      Irrespective of what was thought about 'arry at the end, AVB has
      a thankless task ahead IMHO. I guess that 'most' will now expect 4th at least - so even if he does manage that, it won't be seen as the achievement that it is nowadays (with your bunch, the Chavs, Pool, Utd, Citeh and maybe with Toon and/or another dark horse all potentially in the running).

      Wonder if AVB has ever been asked (or been linked with) the Portugal job ;-)?

    • My thoughts entirely John.

      I always thought Harry was extremely loyal and spoke of nothing but how fortunate and happy he was to be at Spurs.
      I can't understand this 'disrespectful' argument.

      I also think that given chance and backing Harry may well have won some real silverware with Spurs and done that whilst producing a great style of football.

    • Interesting thoughts on the real reasons behind Harrys dismissal John and you could well be correct. Makes for a sound reason from what i can tell.

      As for the 'Special one' being that special, i'm with you there too! Wasn't it Wenger who made a comment somewhere along the lines of ' anyone can produce a great team when given £100m!'.

      I have made the point about Fergusons supposed 'greatness' many times elsewhere on these boards John. To my mind EVERY time Ferguson has had to compete with a club on near level ground with regards to funding he has lost out!

      Think Arsenal when Wenger arrived, Chelsea first two seasons under Mourinho (before Abramovich started poking his nose in third sesason) and now the City situation.

      IMO a huge amount of Fergusons achievments have been largely down to extremely fortunate circumstances regarding the competition he had to face, Chelsea and their overactive owner, Arsenal and their stadium move and yes, injuries and departures in recent seasons.

      When Ferguson could walk out and buy the best players is it little wonder that he built great teams and won silverware?

      Not to my mind.

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