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  • I'm not sure.
    But, hey, I wasn't sure about 'arry either. So, I'll reserve judgement on him till after a couple of seasons.
    Hope he does well.

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    • AVB = Perfect fit for Spurs, imo.

      He will hate Chelsea just like the next Spurs fan on the line, maybe 'hate' isn't the right word and too strong in this context but what you would get with this appointment is he would always want to get one over Chelsea because of the way he was hounded out of SB.

      Chuck in the fact that it is Chelsea who denied Spurs a place in the coming season's CL, and the bad blood between the two sets of fans start making more sense to outside observers.

    • I'm just not sure that I understand all the hype that appears to surround him.

      He's been in management, what, under 4 years? OK, he had one heck of a time at Porto, but then had a nightmare at the Chavs (although you could argue that that was largely down to the players - but if so, what is a manager for?).

      That's my concern. He could have been a flash in the pan.

      But I suppose I've seen enough managers look good at one club to then fail elsewhere to know that even experienced managers also fail. Time and tide I suppose. Hopefully, this will be Snakehouse's time to shine - and catch that wave.

    • How do you work that out Fab?
      If an employee of mine was to go courting several other jobs whilst still uunder contract to me I would think that very disloyal and therefore dis-respectful!
      As for another year, he had that left on his existing contract. Apparently he was offered a new contract before the England position was open and refused it. Then when the job w ent to Roy Hodgson he goes blabbing to the press about it's wrong to only have one year left on a manager's contract. You wouldn't do that with a player blah de bloody blah. How is that respectful, especially when the chairman had just lost his mother.

    • Fab,
      We all have our different ideas as to why he was sacked - I still think that the main reason was that his player policy wasn't what Levy et al wanted. The Levy current comment re AVB emphasises bringing youth on - that I think is where 'arry's clashed. 'Arry 'seemed' to build teams on players who fitted or fixed a problem, rather than planning a team for 'n' years hence. Gallas did really well for us, Parker is/has done the same, Ade, Nielsen, Bassong, Saha .... players who came in to fix a problem rather than being necessarily 'future'. However, that is a guess, as 'arry'd transfer policy may have been limited by financial issues anyway, so what I'm basing my opinion on (ie the transfers in) may just have been a symptom of other club issues.

      I think the England episode/post Christmas results were just a catalyst - both giving 'excuses' that could be seen as possible reasons for sacking him.

      Was the Special One all that Special? I'd love to see be able to switch managers round and give say SAF Bournemouth to manage for a couple of seasons - and give someone like Poyet Utd etc. The Special One to Hartlepool.
      I also think that 'arry was partially right about how the game is played - it's a simple game - if you have a squad of players who 'know' how to play, then the manager's involvement is small. Imparting a style, getting the balance of the team and players right. Blending personalities and playing styles.

    • LTS,
      What 'several other jobs'? And I'll you as I did Sfer/SB - give me quotes where he 'courted' anything - when the man wasn't replying to something asked of him.
      I'll also repeat, that 'arry said about the England job years ago. It wasn't new. So, wasn't he disrespectful then? Didn't Hodgson say the same?
      Didn't Moyes already say that he'd like to manage Scotland? Would you then have had him as manager of Spurs?

      Can you tell what the terms of the contract were that 'arry turned down?

    • John, good morning. As far as I remeber the papers were linking him with the Chelsea job, Liverpool and Monaco as well. "No smoke without fire"
      When asked about the England job instead of just saying something like "It's the pinnacle of any "English" manager's career" he should have said something along the lines of "Well I have a really good job here at the moment with tremendous players and fans so I am pleased to be managing Spurs" But, being him who only thinks of himself, drops some obvious asides and let's all and sundry know he wants it.
      We are discussing HR so as for Moyes, well sorry but I think that would have been a retrograde step anyway, also Hodgson is nothing to do with it either, so to me that's irrelevant.
      Obviously I am not privy to such matters as "Terms of any contract" but suffice it to say it was reported in the majority of the press and no I don't believe all I read in there either!! But as it's said "No smoke without fire"

    • Mornin' LTS,
      So being linked with a job is courting it?

      I think if you find the quotes from 'arry, you'll see in quite a few, he actually says what you say you wanted him to say. IE that he has a great job at Spurs, great players etc... That's why I asked SB not to be selective and show 'arry's quotes in context. I'd guess that I can find more quotes where 'arry praises Spurs, the club, the ground, the players, the fans than when he actually mentions England - and that would be odd given the number of times, and for how long, the press/media connected 'arry to England.
      Without knowing what was offered (if anything) in the contract, and what part of that offer (if anything) was rejected, how can anyone make a judgement about 'arry?
      Well, if there's no smoke without fire then Moyes is manager of Spurs, and 'arry is manager of England and Kaka is going to Blackburn and we've bought all the players we've ever been linked with - oh and SAF retired four seasons back and ...... ;-)

      Surely it is realised that in media terms,especially football reporting, 'smoke without fire' is the norm?

    • Interesting thoughts on the real reasons behind Harrys dismissal John and you could well be correct. Makes for a sound reason from what i can tell.

      As for the 'Special one' being that special, i'm with you there too! Wasn't it Wenger who made a comment somewhere along the lines of ' anyone can produce a great team when given £100m!'.

      I have made the point about Fergusons supposed 'greatness' many times elsewhere on these boards John. To my mind EVERY time Ferguson has had to compete with a club on near level ground with regards to funding he has lost out!

      Think Arsenal when Wenger arrived, Chelsea first two seasons under Mourinho (before Abramovich started poking his nose in third sesason) and now the City situation.

      IMO a huge amount of Fergusons achievments have been largely down to extremely fortunate circumstances regarding the competition he had to face, Chelsea and their overactive owner, Arsenal and their stadium move and yes, injuries and departures in recent seasons.

      When Ferguson could walk out and buy the best players is it little wonder that he built great teams and won silverware?

      Not to my mind.

    • My thoughts entirely John.

      I always thought Harry was extremely loyal and spoke of nothing but how fortunate and happy he was to be at Spurs.
      I can't understand this 'disrespectful' argument.

      I also think that given chance and backing Harry may well have won some real silverware with Spurs and done that whilst producing a great style of football.

    • Fab,
      It's difficult to judge a 'good manager' isn't it? But that's the luck of the game (and life in general) isn't it? Being in the right place at the right time.
      When 'arry was asked years back re the England job, he basically said that there are loads of 'English' lower Division managers that he thought could do a good job even at National level and knew about football. But, he knew as well as we all do, that they'll never get a chance.
      AVB then has two seasons + in mainstream management, and is lauded as the next messiah. I think I'd prefer a manager who had been through a few ups and downs and learned how to treat/handle both success and failure (I suppose you could say that is what AVB's experience is on the nail!)

      Irrespective of what was thought about 'arry at the end, AVB has
      a thankless task ahead IMHO. I guess that 'most' will now expect 4th at least - so even if he does manage that, it won't be seen as the achievement that it is nowadays (with your bunch, the Chavs, Pool, Utd, Citeh and maybe with Toon and/or another dark horse all potentially in the running).

      Wonder if AVB has ever been asked (or been linked with) the Portugal job ;-)?

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