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  • john john Jul 4, 2012 10:46 Flag

    AVB we have him so................

    I agree lts..too many people jumping on his back from story's splattered about by the media, and belittleing him because he's young and not very media savvy yet. It seem's to me he was hired with a mandate to change the style and reduce age of the squad, and while he may have gone about it too early, he should of been backed by his board. If he wanted to give the likes of Lampard..Drogba ect time on the bench, they should of accepted the manager's decision instead of holding him to ransom by not performing and leaking comments to the press. Imo Ambramovic should of backed AVB and had the player's in and told in no uncertain term' he himself was behind the manager and that they are not bigger than the club, but that was never going to happen as he's to close to them and chucks money at any problem rather than thinking like a football man. AVB has obviously got some learning to do and may well prove to be no good, but his growing reputation around the world while at Porto meant he was highly regarded, so I say give him a chance and like any other manager he will live or die by result's...We could get anyone in, but no guarrantees, so judge him on what we see not on what we hear.