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    Transfer Policy??

    Hi all,

    I havent been on this message board for some time now so forgive me if im repeating previous conversations.

    Ive been thinking about how this transfer period would go after arry going and having no manager for a few weeks. As we all know in previous summers we have often waited too late to buy.

    On getting AVB I noticed Levys comments on youth players and our new raining academy tset up. Ive got a funny feeling Levy will be pushing AVB to introduce more of our youth players. Losing Kranjgar and possibly Modric we are losing two of our best midfielders in my opinion. I think with the exception of SIG we will see more of Livermore, Hudds coming back Sandro etc. Then Caulker shud get into the squad and Kyle Naughton.

    I hope we do still get some more blood in esp cover for lennon and obviously some strikers. But knowing Levy he cud want to save some money and use players brought on the cheap years ago now they have more experience.

    Whilst I want to see our yoouth coming through this cud see us drop down the table for another couple of years,!!!

    Oh but please get rid of the dead wood thats been haunting this club for years.!!

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    • Welcome.

      I'm not sure what the 'policy' will be, and I just hope that the purchase(s) we have made or are in the process of negotiating did have some input from AVB.
      The 'youth' policy seems to be something that Levy appears to favour and seemed to be the way under Comolli - but I think that is for financial rather than footballing reasons (ie it's normally cheaper to buy the unfinished article and 'older' tend players have less resale value than a player in their peak years - so buy young talent, enhance/improve and sell at a profit).
      'Arry strayed away from that policy - whether that was due to financial constraints (ie money wasn't readily available for anything more expensive) or other reasons (ie 'arry buying to fix issues), who knows? As stated before, I personally think that was the main source of concern between Levy et al and 'arry and was the main reason for 'arry going - but that is conjecture.

      IMHO, I don't care what the policy is, as long as the 'team' and squad works. If AVB can get a team of U24's to perform, fine by me ... if he wants a team of over 27's, fine by me ... if he wants a mix, fine by me. As long as he gets the team to play and achieve.

      Interesting times, especially if the new ground actually materialises over the next few years as well.

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      • sig looks a decent signing. nothing special but a good young player who can score from long range.
        for the 1st time in years we can look foward to free kicks on the edge of the box, knowing their is a decent chance we might score!

        id sell huddlestone to fulham as i hear jol wants a reunion, if only to have someone to take to all u can eat buffets.

        id let khum,jenas,gomes,bentley & gallas go.

        sign vert to replace gallas. he can also cover at LB.
        caulker has extended his contract so he can be replacement for nelson. try to sign ade if he lowers his wage demand to the same level as our highest earner.

        sign amos or butland. both promising young english keepers to take over from friedel.

        A johnson or redmond to compete with lennon & cover for all his hamstring & groin tweeks!

        id say baines at LB but sounds like everton want a lot for him.
        & if we can sign vert, he can play there too.
        but id still try to get him!

        to replace modric,moutinho looks like the 1 avb wants.
        heard good things about him from pundits,other board members & fans. played well in the EUROs.

        hopefully defoe will get some more game time now that arry has gone, & with it the "VDV is untouchable spell".
        hopefully when "easy as AVB" see's VDV crawling all 4s, he will take him off especially when u have our most likely goalscorer sat on the bench. for some reason harry seemed scared to take him off in a lot of games.

        friedel(last season as 1st choice thou!)
        walker dawson vert baines/e...e...ekotto (hard to say!)

        lennon parker moutinho bale

        defoe ade

        or against really good teams-

        lennon parker sandro bale



        be active with subs. vdv to replace defoe & sigs to replace moutinho if need be.

    • we have established harry can do no wrong in your eyes.
      so no point us arguing john.

      "In the EPL VdV scored the same as Daffy AND also assisted in 7. Ade was even better, scoring 17 and 11 assists."

      & above again establishes u play dumb to suit your argument.

      u surely dont need me to point out how u played dumb in the above statement.

      lets leave it at that john.

    • Man things are getting frosty in here lol either that or there is some serious sexual tension in the air lmao

    • If what I read in the news today is true Spurs are looking to offload VDV. If he was that good surely we would keep him. It will be interesting to see who, if any, come in to buy him and for how much. That will be a good indicator of what the football world thinks of him.

      I know SB loves Daffy and therefore her opinions are a little over the top in terms of how good he is but even you have just said all he does is score goals - what else do you want a striker to do? I am happy with that.

      Whilst not "loving" Daffy I have to say that I think Arry under used him and over used VDV especially when deployed as a second striker with Ady because he was usually taking the ball off our CB's toes instead of being where he should have been.

      Now will you two stop the bickering and cheap pot shots please. Its getting very boring.

    • It depends on whether VdV wants to go, whether Spurs are forcing him out etc I would have thought.
      If that was meant as a rejoinder to my 'if Daffy was that good', then I'm not certain it works Sfer. AFAIK, Daffy left/was sold because he wasn't being played, with VdV it (as you and SB point out) it's the complete opposite.
      As for VdV picking up the ball, I tended to agree with that in general. There were times IMO where he played too deep, but he still managed (with all that) to score 11 and set up 7 in the league - which isn't too bad is it?
      And that then lead me to the point of SB's - ie implying that it was a mistake of 'arry's to play VdV over Daffy. IMO, it was not a mistake of 'arry's, just that 'arry's opinion obviously didn't match with SB's. VdV lends and leant more to Spurs than just goals - Daffy doesn't IMHO.

      Personally, I liked the formation we played. I like having a player behind the main striker. Whether that is VdV or a.n. other I don't care (I'd like to see Modric play there as I've said before) - but we'll see what the new man goes for.

    • I've also pointed this out to you before SB, but you seem to take no notice.
      Daffy scores - I agree, BUT he lends little else to the team. He's not know for his assists or work rate. AND he takes vastly more shots to score a goal (apart from Bale that is!). I would also posit that he plays best when the game is open and he can play on the shoulder. Does he play well when the game is compressed or when you're playing in 19 corners in one game?

      If you look at the top goal scorers for last season, Daffy is there he played 39 games (started 22) and average 58 minutes overall.
      That's great. But then look at his assists. Where is he?
      In the EPL VdV scored the same as Daffy AND also assisted in 7. Ade was even better, scoring 17 and 11 assists.

      You also have to bear in mind that 'arry rated Daffy - it was 'arry at West Ham, 'arry at Pompey and 'arry at Spurs. So for 'arry not to use Daffy, he must have thought he had a better option do you not think? Wasn't that also true when Daffy was sold to Pompey - ie if he was so good, why on earth did Spurs sell him? And if Daffy is so good, why isn't he the first name on the England team sheet (Carroll, Welbeck...?)? So I don't think it's only 'arry that had reservations over the way Daffy plays.

      So, although you may not like VdV and prefer Daffy, that is just your opinion and your opinion doesn't make it 'arry's mistake, does it?

    • '...we have established harry can do no wrong in your eyes....'

      Have we? Despite me saying what, IMHO, his failings were? Strange.

      '....u surely dont need me to point out how u played dumb in the above statement....'

      Yep I do. To pre-empt, if you want to say '....but Daffy didn't play as much...'. I'll simply point you now at Daffy's history. Show me where he has ever achieved that level of assists in the EPL at any point in his history - you'll need to go back to 2002.
      I'll also refer you back to your comments re Daffy the previous season, where you kept saying '...if only Daffy was available..' when he was injured - and then when he came back he failed to perform as you or anyone else expected.

      So a preference for VdV over Daffy is a choice, an opinion, not evidence of a mistake IMO.

    • Ho Ho Ho - 3 words