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  • Sfer Sfer Jul 5, 2012 17:16 Flag

    RIP RVP - you deserve better

    I detect some disappointment, frustration and resentment in your reply Fab.

    I have no doubt that money played a huge part in RVP's decision but that was not all of it for sure. He had talks and the management could not persuade him that they were prepared to spend on the right level to acheive winning any trophies. The fact that he knows he can earn a lot more makes it easier but it is not the only reason as much as you would like it to be.

    Let me ask you a question - would you rather have RVP or the two "International" strikers you have just bought?

    I agree he has shown a total lack of respect to Ar$e but no big surprise there really. I know he is World class but he is also arrogant, cocky, surly, petulant and dirty. He is also your best player by a country mile.

    Lets face it Fab - you have sold all your best players (Fabregas, Nasri and now RVP) over the last few years and you have bought in - mediocrity. Arteta, Benayoun...oh please. And you can't say whether or not Giroud or Poldolski will make the grade just because they have played at international level. Carlton Palmer played for England FFS!

    I am not getting ahead of myself Fab, too many long hard years supporting Spurs to do that, but IF we sign some decent players and IF Whinger doesn't splash the cash (which he won't) then who knows where we will both be next year.

    Just sayin!!

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    • Oh i'm dissapointed and frustrated and indeed resentful Sfer but certainly not surprised. I had just hoped that perhaps there was some respect in VP for the club after all the years in which he was shown total dedication whilst out injured.

      Ah well.

      Arsenal are not run the Man City way Sfer. Arsenal have made it clear how they do their business.

      I do not believe you have to 'spend at a certain level' to achieve success. What level is that anyway? Does that mean every club has to match Man City and their astronomic spending power???

      Wenger builds teams that compete at the very highest level. Always. His hand was forced into buying Arteta (far far better than 'win the ball and give it away' Scott Parker BTW!) and LOANING Benayoun (whose appearances one could probably count on one hand, yet who still had a large say in Arsenal cementing their rightful CL spot).

      Would i rather RVP than Poldolski/Giroud?

      Today, Pidolski/Giroud as at least there is more of a chance they actually want to play for the club and have a REAL hunger for success.

      Niether is Carlton Palmer BTW.

      Wenger never bought Carlton Palmer.

      Spurs are light years behind Arsenal and AVB is light years behind Wenger, Sfer, and if 'ifs' and 'buts' were presents and bows, it would be Christmas every day mate!


      Right....gotta take the dog out for his walk.

    • GOOD NEWS for us! always good to see the gooners lose the best player. its becoming a regular thing!

      RVP is a nasty piece of work but a very good player.
      of course the extra money helps, but u cant argue the fact u arent challenging for the title or CL.
      he deserves to be fighting for that. he cant do it at arsenal.

      just like modric really. of course the extra money he will get helps, but im not going to delude myself (like fab with rvp) in to believing thats the only reason. modric deserves to be fighting for titles & the CL too. in fact the very least he deserves is CL footie.

      fabs favourite 100m sprinter theo is also down to just 1 yr left.
      although he wont be missed much if he goes. u could just sign dwain chambers on a free to take over.

      huge fan of wilshire, he will be world class. but u wouldnt be suprised if in 3 or 4 yrs time he gets bored of celebrating a CL place like u have won the prem & CL!

      if im honest sfer, i think both us & arsenal are on the slide next season. u would expect chelsea to pick things up. liverpool cant get any worse. so ud expect utd,city to fight it out & then chelsea to be ahead of the next few teams.
      liverpool,arsenal & hopefully us will be fighting it out for 4th.
      but u never know, city will prob win the CL but finish 7th.

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      • Just read your post SB and it did make me titter!

        Arsenal can challenge for both the CL and Prem. Last season, after all that happened Arsenal did not challenge in either competition, true,arguably the first season that could be said since Wenger arrived.

        As for Arsenal 'celebrating a CL place like you have won the Prem and CL', that really IS a tadd rich coming from a Spurs fan SB.I witnessed your lot celebrate a draw with Arsenal like you had just won the treble!

        Fabs 'favourite 100m sprinter'....arguably Englands best attacking player at the recent European championships. You lot cheered when he saved our bacon, deny it all you wish. Sure he needs to improve. Fact is, he's still extremely young and has achieved things lauded players yeasr older than he have never achieved.

        Arsenal have a fight on their hands, but don't go getting ahead of yourselves Yiddish folk.

        We got Arsene Wenger.

        You lot wish you had (if you got any sense that is).