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  • Layla Layla Jul 5, 2012 17:35 Flag

    RIP RVP - you deserve better

    GOOD NEWS for us! always good to see the gooners lose the best player. its becoming a regular thing!

    RVP is a nasty piece of work but a very good player.
    of course the extra money helps, but u cant argue the fact u arent challenging for the title or CL.
    he deserves to be fighting for that. he cant do it at arsenal.

    just like modric really. of course the extra money he will get helps, but im not going to delude myself (like fab with rvp) in to believing thats the only reason. modric deserves to be fighting for titles & the CL too. in fact the very least he deserves is CL footie.

    fabs favourite 100m sprinter theo is also down to just 1 yr left.
    although he wont be missed much if he goes. u could just sign dwain chambers on a free to take over.

    huge fan of wilshire, he will be world class. but u wouldnt be suprised if in 3 or 4 yrs time he gets bored of celebrating a CL place like u have won the prem & CL!

    if im honest sfer, i think both us & arsenal are on the slide next season. u would expect chelsea to pick things up. liverpool cant get any worse. so ud expect utd,city to fight it out & then chelsea to be ahead of the next few teams.
    liverpool,arsenal & hopefully us will be fighting it out for 4th.
    but u never know, city will prob win the CL but finish 7th.

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    • Just read your post SB and it did make me titter!

      Arsenal can challenge for both the CL and Prem. Last season, after all that happened Arsenal did not challenge in either competition, true,arguably the first season that could be said since Wenger arrived.

      As for Arsenal 'celebrating a CL place like you have won the Prem and CL', that really IS a tadd rich coming from a Spurs fan SB.I witnessed your lot celebrate a draw with Arsenal like you had just won the treble!

      Fabs 'favourite 100m sprinter'....arguably Englands best attacking player at the recent European championships. You lot cheered when he saved our bacon, deny it all you wish. Sure he needs to improve. Fact is, he's still extremely young and has achieved things lauded players yeasr older than he have never achieved.

      Arsenal have a fight on their hands, but don't go getting ahead of yourselves Yiddish folk.

      We got Arsene Wenger.

      You lot wish you had (if you got any sense that is).


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      • "arguably Englands best attacking player at the recent European championships"

        thats not saying a lot is it! in truth he had 1 good cameo apperance. nothing more.

        "witnessed your lot celebrate a draw with Arsenal like you had just won the treble!"

        why do people play dum to suit their argument. john does it all the time too fab.
        u know very well we we're celebrating a great comeback.
        do u seriously think we would have celebrated a draw if we had been 4-2 up with 2mins to go?

        also u have different expectations. if we won the fa cup id celebrate like we won the treble!

        "Arsenal can challenge for both the CL and Prem"

        that me titter!