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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Jul 5, 2012 17:54 Flag

    RIP RVP - you deserve better

    Oh i'm dissapointed and frustrated and indeed resentful Sfer but certainly not surprised. I had just hoped that perhaps there was some respect in VP for the club after all the years in which he was shown total dedication whilst out injured.

    Ah well.

    Arsenal are not run the Man City way Sfer. Arsenal have made it clear how they do their business.

    I do not believe you have to 'spend at a certain level' to achieve success. What level is that anyway? Does that mean every club has to match Man City and their astronomic spending power???

    Wenger builds teams that compete at the very highest level. Always. His hand was forced into buying Arteta (far far better than 'win the ball and give it away' Scott Parker BTW!) and LOANING Benayoun (whose appearances one could probably count on one hand, yet who still had a large say in Arsenal cementing their rightful CL spot).

    Would i rather RVP than Poldolski/Giroud?

    Today, Pidolski/Giroud as at least there is more of a chance they actually want to play for the club and have a REAL hunger for success.

    Niether is Carlton Palmer BTW.

    Wenger never bought Carlton Palmer.

    Spurs are light years behind Arsenal and AVB is light years behind Wenger, Sfer, and if 'ifs' and 'buts' were presents and bows, it would be Christmas every day mate!


    Right....gotta take the dog out for his walk.