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  • Sfer Sfer Jul 5, 2012 16:15 Flag

    RIP RVP - you deserve better

    So, at last, RVP reveals what we all knew. He is going and Ar$e do not have the plan in place to become winners which is why he is leaving.

    The question is, do Giroud and Poldolski make up for losing RVP? My guess is no. It took RVP years to get to the goal level he did at Ar$e and it is very unusual for anyone to arrive in the PL and hit the ground running.

    If RVP had scored an average number of goals for a PL striker Ar$e would have finished mid table and hopefully that is what will happen next season.

    Sorry Fab et al, but next season is looking bleak for your lot. Whinger has the deepest pockets and shortest arms in PL history so signing an adequate replacement for RVP is not going to happen.

    Meanwhile, there are all sorts of stories coming out about who AVB wants to bring in and I cannot believe he would have taken the job without a significant warchest being made available. I know its early days but if an independent supporter was asked the question "which team (out of Ar$e and Spurs) do you think has the best chance of success next year" IMO the majority would say.....................


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    • "So, at last, RVP reveals what we all knew. He is going and Ar$e do not have the plan in place to become winners which is why he is leaving."

      I dissagree, more a case of he can double his money elsewhere. Arsenal have already signed TWO international forwards this summer. Van Persie is just trotting out some old excuse no doubt dreamed up by his agent. He talks of 'love and respect' yet can't even honour the gentlemans agreement he had with Wenger to keep his trap shut!

      The only reason it 'took RVP years to reach the goal level he did' was because he was sat in the medical room getting paid and supported by the club he has just shat upon.

      Every Arsenal fan with eyes in their head always knew the lad was world class.

      The club is bigger than RVP.

      I say sell him to the highest bidder and leave a boot print on his backside to remind him what a complete c*nt he is.

      I won't lose any sleep until the day Wenger himself leaves the club.

      You can keep dreaming of Arsenal finishing mid table Sfer, you'll only keep getting all dissapointed.


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      • I detect some disappointment, frustration and resentment in your reply Fab.

        I have no doubt that money played a huge part in RVP's decision but that was not all of it for sure. He had talks and the management could not persuade him that they were prepared to spend on the right level to acheive winning any trophies. The fact that he knows he can earn a lot more makes it easier but it is not the only reason as much as you would like it to be.

        Let me ask you a question - would you rather have RVP or the two "International" strikers you have just bought?

        I agree he has shown a total lack of respect to Ar$e but no big surprise there really. I know he is World class but he is also arrogant, cocky, surly, petulant and dirty. He is also your best player by a country mile.

        Lets face it Fab - you have sold all your best players (Fabregas, Nasri and now RVP) over the last few years and you have bought in - mediocrity. Arteta, Benayoun...oh please. And you can't say whether or not Giroud or Poldolski will make the grade just because they have played at international level. Carlton Palmer played for England FFS!

        I am not getting ahead of myself Fab, too many long hard years supporting Spurs to do that, but IF we sign some decent players and IF Whinger doesn't splash the cash (which he won't) then who knows where we will both be next year.

        Just sayin!!

    • Hmmmmm.....would a Walcott brace in a certain 5-2 pounding have been a better example SB?

      Seem to have read that AVB is pining for the lads signature too! I recall Harry was a fan also! Need i post up the links???

      As for 'celebrating'. SB, if Spurs managed to finish above Arsenal you Yidsters would be partying harder than a certain purple dwarf in 1999 (hmmm....am i showing my age here? Just how have i managed to keep my boyish good looks you ask!).The 'draw' was a mere example.

      Can Arsenal compete?

      Naturally! We have Wenger!!!

      Will Arsenal compete??

      That remains to be seen.

      Much love.

    • " It took RVP years to get to the goal level he did at Ar$e and it is very unusual for anyone to arrive in the PL and hit the ground running."???

      Try these two signings who 'hit the ground running' recently, sfer.

      Papiss Cisse:
      - made his English Premier League debut on 5th February 2012 for Newcastle United, scored 13 goals in 14 appearances for them.

      Demba Ba:
      - made his English Premier League debut on 6th February 2011 for West Ham United, scored 7 goals in 11 league matches for WHU. ''Ba was voted as the best signing of the 2011–12 season by Premier League managers in March 2012.'' [Reference Wikipedia].

      I didn't have to try hard to dig up these two signings, I'm pretty sure there are other gems if I have the time to do a proper research.

      Btw, I didn't bother reading the rest of your post as I'm convinced it's bollox just like the above comments from you.

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      • OOooooooooohhhhhh! hit a nerve eh. Reading about all the trouble at the Board and getting worried eh JeeRoo?

        So you found 2 examples. It wouldn't take much to find plenty of examples that prove exactly the opposite - moron. And by the way, you didn't argue that RVP did not make an instant success (you just struggled with the other 2) so once again that proves my point.

        Fab - you are sounding desperate mate and you are becoming a minority in your misjudged loyalty to Whinger. The Ar$e fans I know either want him out or at the very least now do not have the confidence in him they did once.

        As I said, I am not saying Spurs will definitely win anything next year, that depends on so many other things such as how well AVB does, who he buys, how much money he has to spend etc BUT I really do not know where your spectacular confidence comes from.

        Everybody knows Ar$e only got where they did because of one man - RVP - and without him you would have been mid table. Now he is going and open warfare has broken out at Ar$e. I see now the second largest share holders have come out and said so as well. Surely you have to agree that these men know much better than you what is going on at the club. They attend shareholders meetings don't they FFS.

        C'mon Fab. Your loyalty is touching it really is but you are setting yourself up for an almighty fall. The odds against Ar$e doing anything great next year (like actually winning anything) is getting more and more remote as the days go by.

        Whinger built a great team a few years ago and they played some great football - I have admitted that many times - but NO ONE could say this current squad is great especially not now with RVP going. The problem is two fold. Whinger still beleives he can build a great team without spending any money and his self belief in his own talents is staggeringly arrogant which means he thinks he can do no wrong.

        Oh and Arteta or Parker???? Only one choice there mate and it would be the one that gets a game for his national side. And I didn't say Whinger "bought" Carlton Palmer. I was using him as an example of why, just because someone is an "international" that does not make them a great player like you are intimating with Giroud and Poldolski.

        Keep em coming Fab. The more you post in defence of Ar$e and Whinger the more desperate you sound.