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  • Alan H Alan H Jul 6, 2012 23:15 Flag

    fabs meltdown to cheer us all up!

    Fab, you guys have got up until a few years back the best manager in the world. Just tell me what the fuskcs going on. Has he drifted across to financial management and the comfort factor, or has he lost the impetus to go out there and do it. He's like a Ferrari jammed in 3rd gear. No wonder Van Persie's fuskced off.

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    • Should he enter a bidding war with the likes of City and Chelski then 'H'? Where do you think that would get the club?
      Even United steer well clear of that these days.

      As for Van Persie, he can f*ck off, he doesn't deserve to wear the captains armband and i think you'll find that Wenger has already signed class attacking talent in Podolski and Giroud.

      Don't skip up the garden path believing that the manager with the highest budget is the best around 'H'.

      Fab doesn't 'blink'.