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  • Roger Mellie Roger Mellie Jul 8, 2012 14:11 Flag

    Vertonghen signs

    Good signing. Fucking marvellous.

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    • Finally a decent partner for Daws now lets get adey back and get baines in as a replacement for BAE and Oscar in for miserable modders.

      I am a bit worried tho that we are casting off friedal too soon he was outstanding last season.

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      • Vertonghen is a superb signing, the type of player we have needed for years at CB.

        Vertonghen- Kaboul-Dawson-Caulker is a decent pool of CB's IMO. If we keep Gallas, Bassong and re-sign King then I think the CB situation is covered, without the latter 3, I think we need another CB.

        I'd be delighted with Baines, although I think its unlikely, Everton will want a lot for him. JV and Naughton can play at LB and IMO BAE did ok last season.

        From what I understand Oscar won't be coming this window, although there is a chance Leandro Damiao will, Internacional have just signed Forlan. I think Gylfi will be the replacement for Luka. VDV is being heavily linked with HSV and Two saints is likely to be going to Spain. Pienaar is being pursued by Moyes, who wants him back permanently.

        If we lose all four- Luka-VDV-Gio-Pienaar, which sounds unlikely but is not impossible, it could make way for Moutinho to come in and for Sandro, Livermore, Hudds to all get some more football.

        I've always been a Hudd fan, although I know he splits opinion, Hudds- Yes or No??!

        It will be interesting to see whether AVB will bring through or HG players of whether we will see an influx of players.

        Jenas-Bentley-Gomes also need to move on IMO.

        IMO we must get at least 1 more striker Ade, Huntlaar, Hulk would all be superb signings IMO, maybe Kane will get a chance?

        Whilst I rate Friedel, he is OLD! Hugo Lloris, Akinfeev, Krul, Vorm would all be superb replacements, we could also have a punt on Amos- Manure's young, but highly rated, underused GK.

        These will be an interesting few weeks.

        Has AVB done a press conference yet? I heard that Tim Sherwood involvement with the running has been significantly increased. Media handling may be an area that Tim is assigned to?