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  • Sfer Sfer Jul 9, 2012 14:28 Flag

    Vertonghen signs

    Goalkeeper - Friedel will do another season but we do need quality back up and long term replacement..

    Back Four - sorted although I would prefer someone more enthusiastic at LB

    Midfield - assuming Modric goes - I would like to see another option to cover Bale and/or Lennon but other than that it ai'nt TOO bad. Hudd was slow enough when he was...... ahem!!! - fit.....but now...... God help us.

    Strikers - worried. Only Defoe signed and we are in danger of missing out of the big names due to no CL football. Hopefully having AVB might help in that sense (lets face it Arry on his own would not have had any international pull in that regard would he) but we need to get someone (or two) in FAST.

    My main concern is the shape and balance of the side. My biggest concern with Arry was that he didn't always get it right often playing players out of position or asking them to do things that were not natural. The back 4 and holding MF's are looking good. Its the way in which the strikers (whoever they are) are supported that needs sorting. Only IMO obviously!