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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jul 10, 2012 16:45 Flag

    Couldn't believe my luck!

    Whoops! forgot to answer some of your questions.

    Baltimore...it is a bit of a rough place; what made The Wire so good was its realism (scary huh!). East West North South, all areas are touched by some the madness (I will say this, they had their lowest murder total since the 70's last year...I also heard from a local, that they fiddle with the crime stats too...so, who knows).

    Like any other city there are good parts and bad parts. I work downtown near the Inner Harbor (toruist area), most of the "not-so-good action happens in various pockets of the city, but there are some pretty cool areas too (I lived in one for 8 months, but ended up moving to the 'burbs as I like my peace and quiet).

    The medical profession rules in Baltimore (Johns Hopkins Hospital and College are here...not sure if you're familiar with it...world reknowned, or so I'm told...met a few Brits that go there).

    The locals are passionate about their sports teams (moreso than anywhere else I've been over here).

    The one thing I'll say is...it is NOT New York (but then aagain, where is?)...but all in all, its cool.

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