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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jul 10, 2012 05:23 Flag

    Couldn't believe my luck!

    As some may know, i was almost sent to the knackers yard as far as employment goes a scant year and a half ago. I had to relocate if i wanted a job similar to the one I had (and with wages on par). So move I did!

    So here I am in Maryland (county of Baltimore), home of lacrosse, grid iron football (Ravens) and baseball (Orioles). So who decides to come visiting for a summer friendly...playing our beautiful brand of football in a city that doesn't even know what the MLS is much less Premier League...yes, that's right, our beloved Spurs! And we get to play decent opposition (and yes, I know its a friendly, pre-season trot about but damn it, I'm excited! I'm also a bit worried about the turnout. Wondering if the NY Spurs will make the trip down (about 4 hours by car, 2 by train) as I doubt that there's any sizable contingent locally (although one of the staff from my company's client is going...as a Spurs fan!).
    So the match is against L'pool and its in the Ravens' stadium which holds upwards of 70,000...even 20, 000 ill look pitiful in that place (unlike 20, 000 in Red Bulls arena - a few days later...I think their ground holds no more than 25K (great atmosphere the last time our boys came there...the team will look very different this time around!).

    Hope all are having a good summer (getting away from all that rain...while we get our nuts roasted in triple digit F temperatures...not this this week though, cooling off to the upper 80's!). As always, 'scuse the rambling.

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