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  • Sfer Sfer Jul 13, 2012 13:07 Flag

    Freund to be Villas-Boas assistant

    Why am I not surprised you have taken what I have said quite literally and analysed it to the Nth degree and then....disagreed.

    Did I say all of those I listed were Arry buys? No

    You may say Gallas did a very good job. Your opinion. I thought he had a few good games initially but after that he was average IMO of course. Where did Freidel get mentioned????

    Could be wrong but I thought Naughton and Walker were at Spurs before Arry. Of the others I would disagree that Crouch, Pienaar and Kranjcar were "pretty good" and I have always maintained that VDV was as much of a negative for the squad as he was a positive but of course thats just my opinion..

    So out of your list of "pretty good" only Kaboul, Sandro, Defoe and Parker remain. 4 years of spending and wheeling dealing and 4 players that you say are worthy of congratulating Arry and Levy for.

    No mention of Bentley or Jenas in there I see - what, they don't help support your view so leave them out is that it??

    Not going to get into a long drawn out, statistic laden, boring argument with you John but I will finish with this.....if you continue to nit pick at everything anybody says on here I for one will stop bothering to say anything at all. I can fight off all of the childish Ar$e interlopers on here but you.......there is no debating with because you NEVER see what the other person is actually saying.