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  • Jlock Jlock Jul 16, 2012 10:18 Flag

    Freund to be Villas-Boas assistant

    I thought you said:
    '...Its amazing how much dead wood we have collected over the last few years. Bentley, Jenas, Hudd, Gallas, Cuduccini, Gomes for example. Still, that is Arry and his penchant for reserecting old knackered players careers and what happens when you pay someone too much and then can't get rid of them because they won't go for less (Bentley!).....'

    I simply pointed out that the names you quoted weren't all 'arry's purchases - so were a poor set to use as an example. If you're saying your two sentences above weren't meant to show /imply examples of 'arry's purchasing then fine Sfer.

    As for:
    'I was making a general point or two - you don't think they were 100% accurate so you go digging around for some stats (as per) and then nitpick AGAIN but once AGAIN you misinterpreted what I was saying. Very, very boring John....'

    See, we have different levels of boredom. What I find boring is when some quotes something as though it is a fact, and it isn't, and then objects when their mistake is pointed out. In your list of Bentley, Jenas, Hudd, Gallas, Cuduccini, Gomes (assuming that it is meant to then reflect 'arry's purchases) - how many were actually 'arry's purchases (I'd guess at 2 out of 6) ?

    I have already posted saying why I think 'arry was 'let go' - and that was to do with the age of the squad. The issue about not getting rid of expensive (wages) players is a different one. 'Arry did well (IMO) in bringing players like Gallas, Cudicini, Nelson, Friedel,Saha etc on board to fix problems - most came on a small transfer fee or were free. Most will either retire or move on without a problem (Saha, Nelson already gone). The likes of Bentley and Jenas - well they weren't arry's purchases, but are still a drain and IMHO agree should have been sold - but is the fact they are still around of 'arry's doing? I would simply guess that the club couldn't get the right price for them. As said before, I'm not sure who actually handles purchases/sales - as we've seen Levy involved in VdV, Gylfi, Vertonghen recently - and hold out for 'best deals' on Berbatov (and I would now guess Modric).

    As for T'Hudd - well even though again 'arry didn't buy him, I personally thought he did well for us and hope he'll still be in the squad next season. That'll be up to Mr Boas.

    I have also pointed out that although the squad did 'age' under 'arry, 'we' tend to forget the 'young' talent that did come through under him. AND whether 'arry's purchases were liked or disliked - he managed to blend those players into a team that did 4-5-4. Not bad at all in my opinion.

    You can now say I waffle, am boring, quote stats ....blah, blah blah ...or even more humorously you can do your 'word' bit. That always makes me chortle.