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  • Joe Joe Jul 12, 2012 14:17 Flag

    Mr Good Towns - What expectations?


    At this stage 4-6th spot looks realistic, with the majority of the top 6 teams strengthening, that may change, so I'll reserve my right not to deal just yet. What with all the in's and out's, I think 4th would be a real achievement.

    I don't anticipate Liverpool, Goons or Chavs being as poor as they were last year.

    If we are able to take the squad to the levels of ambition we want, it [the title] is something we can think of'

    Yeah a little vague, I take this to mean, if we are able to strengthen in certain areas we may be able to challenge for the title.

    I would be delighted if we were able to really challenge for the title. But unless we sign 5-6 top class players and our current squad plays exceptionally well throughout the year, I think top four maybe our limit.

    A top class striker is essential, I hope we don't have to wait much longer on that front.


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    • I gleamed this little gem from the ether- enjoy

      The King is dead; Long live the King.
      Andre Villas Boas surveyed the newest part of the kingdom of Spurs that he has inherited, as the media were allowed in to the state-of-the-art, £45 million training facility in Enfield, for the first time.
      The inevitable questions regarding his departure from Chelsea and their subsequent Champions League and FA Cup victories emanated from the scrum of journalists, but we Spurs fans can gloss over what happened in West London and concentrate on the future.
      Bold statements of challenging for the league, competing strongly on all fronts in the three cup competitions, and building for the future were forthcoming, and the Sports hacks lapped it up to further the debate on AVB’s prowess, coaching ability, failures, and keenness to talk up the job at hand on blogs and comment sections across the world wide web.
      Harry was the media’s darling, always ready with a comment, a quip and a put down, and the tabloids and broadsheets alike took great pleasure in comparing the two men, and whether Redknapp’s legendary man-management skills would be missed, replaced by this tactically obsessed young Portuguese gentlemen. Stories suggesting the Spurs players were against his appointment and that all Tottenham fans were foaming at the mouth with outrage at his appointment were abound. All of it tosh or, at the very least, greatly exaggerated.
      The wounded man
      What can we take from his first interview? He is obviously bitter about his sacking by Chelsea, only eight months into a three year deal, with the promise that it was a long term ‘re-building’ project. He may have been a touch naive believing that a revolution at Stamford Bridge would be accepted by all, and that if there was a dip in form and results whilst he engineered the new Blues, that there wouldn’t be consequences.
      Spurs are still a work in progress, whilst they were in need of a change, and still are, the old aren’t getting younger, and as hard as Terry, Lampard, Cole et al may fight it, it’s inevitable they will come unstuck if they don’t faze them out. It went wrong for him. That’s not say it will at White Hart Lane.
      There is scope for experimentation, not a radical change, and this is something he made a point of stating, from Harry’s work that lead us to 3 consecutive top 5 finishes, but there was still a step or two missing in sustaining our challenge for 3rd place which was clear for all to see.
      It is apparent he is excited by the prospect of where Spurs can go. As much as rival fans would like to tell us it was the same old story for us last season, their bravado and arrogance once the season was over and Arsenal finished a huge one point ahead of us and Chelsea glossed over a poor league campaign by winning the Champions League, there can be no doubt Spurs were their equals, something they are not used to. They can scoff all they want about our drive for success and suggestions we will finish above them this season, it could happen, it nearly did.
      Villas Boas will need to instil a winning mentality, something the red lot across North London have had for a decade, but may be losing, and whatever Sir Alex in Manchester has drummed into United to never know when they’ve lost.


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      • Joe,
        I think Pool will also go through a transition as well - I don't see them bouncing back just because of Rogers - they seemed to buy badly under Holy Commoli and 'kin Kenny and I think they appear unwilling to throw more immediate money at the problem. Adam, Henderson, Carroll?
        The Chavs - Marin looked quality to me and I haven't seen enough of Hazard to make a judgement, but he has a good reputation, but will Torres recover his lost form? Without Drogba and Lampard hitting 20, where are their goals if Torres struggles? And do they carry on with Lampard, with a plethora of midfielders?
        Woolwich - well, although I don't think one man makes a team, the loss of RvP's goals could hit them - fine they bought in a couple of strikers, but overall (IMHO) they don't (or didn't) look invincible with their football as they did in earlier seasons.

        So maybe, just maybe, we underestimate our own chances.

      • The Tactician

        He will be a task master. If it is to be believed we had no tactics, or very little, under Redknapp, the players will know about it now. If there was one failure in Harry’s tenure, we could not put the big boys to bed. Leading at the Emirates, outplaying Man Utd for much of the game at the Lane this season, not finding a way to beat Chelsea in both the games. We proved we had the players to match them, now we need to find a way to beat them.
        His statement that he believes Modric will leave suggests he has a contingency plan. Moutinho? Maybe a change in formation that does not require a style of player like Luka. A holding brace of Parker and Sandro, with three further forward, out of Bale, Vdv, Sigurdsson, Lennon and whoever else he brings in. However he plays, tying up Adebayor, keeping Defoe and bringing in one or two more strikers is essential.
        Our esteemed Chairman, Mr Daniel Levy must have seen something in him. He can’t have been cheap, he’s given him a war chest to spend, and a three year contract to build upon three great seasons before.
        As much as we loved ‘Arry (well, most of us, most of the time) this is a dawn of a new age for Spurs, the back drop of our futuristic new training complex for all levels of Tottenham Hotspur FC was a perfect setting for the new era.
        Give him time, get behind him, and let’s hope the crown doesn’t slip.


        I hope you found this as interesting as I did,