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  • Jlock Jlock Jul 13, 2012 10:08 Flag

    Please Mr Terry

    I'm not so sure that he's guilty of the charge per se. I still think that he's just a generally obnoxious git that uses that type of expression to wind people up. If Ferdinand wore glasses he would have picked on that - if he was a redhead he would have picked on that...gay...bald...lanky...short
    Just replace 'black' with any term that Terry thinks would have an 'effect'.

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    • Lot of bloody fuss about nowt.

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      • I disagree H,

        Terry was a good footballer, but he's a shyte human being, one of my least favourite people, he has been accused of this type of behaviour throughout his career, even our beloved Ledley has accused Terry of using this type of language against him.

        I don't believe Terry is a racist, I think he's a moronic, neolithic, cretin, who will say anything in order to try and gain a slight advantage over his rivals. are his perspectives shot or am I missing something?!

        The maximum penalty he'll face is pitiful, I'm lead to believe he can only be charge £2,500! What a joke- Hopefully the label and stigma will weigh heavy on his conscience, however I think that might be giving him too much credit, he's a catalogue cnut IMO.