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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jul 12, 2012 15:01 Flag

    Vertonghen in...Defoe to Reading?

    Things are beginning to move...new CB done and dusted...now lets hope he can perform (remember Bassong!).
    Diddy Defoe is going to have come to Jesus meeting with the new boss...but Reading (acording to the Mail) are ready to offer 5 mil for him...I know he's getting a little long in the tooth, but he's and England squad striker...is that a good deal? justa asking.

    Modric's probably out as we know (unless we're putting too high a price on his head...look at Man U with our old Burgertop...they can't move him for less than a third of what they paid for him!).

    Well, off to catch up on more newspaper scuttlebutt!

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    • Rambr0,

      Vertonghen comes to us having just won player f the year in the erde divisie, nothing is guaranteed, but he looks to be all singing all dancing, quality and hopefully the new lynch pin to our defence- I guess only time will tell- finger crossed.

      I hope the speculation around Defoe's departure is just that, he's the only recognise striker we have (in the first team), I hope AVB's arrival will push Defoe to ensure he's first choice, Sturridge thrived under AVB at the Chavs and IMO Defoe isn't dissimilar to Defoe.