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  • sledge sledge Jul 12, 2012 16:11 Flag

    new kit on THFC site

    Does look good, although I have mixed feelings about it.
    I always prefer the navy shorts to be honest. And like that we change to all white in europe.
    Anyway, with kit changes every season these days, I guess it's difficult to come up with significant changes to "justify" fans buying a new strip.
    I do like this one, but collars are something I always despise... lol

    As for Modric! I had to look for a while to spot him. He's kind of hiding back there and doesn't exactly look excited does he?
    He, VdV and Gio all either at the back or at the very ends. You'd expect the big players to be in the front center. So it actually speaks volumes to me that THFC took this into account when the photo was taken. I'd be more inclined to expect now that these guys are on their way out.