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  • Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Jul 14, 2012 12:18 Flag

    SB and John

    I dont write on this site too often but i do read it most days and welcome both of your contributions, but you're getting very boring. Neither of you can concede a point and you both worry at an arguement like a dog with an old bone.
    You both have a love of Spurs and are both opinionated, but give it up plaese.
    I have no problem with either of you. just the continously spiralling arguements you will not back away from.I stopped visiting this site because of you 2 and i'm just about at that point again.
    Either you both get off on arguing with each other or are as 'pig-headed' as each other, either way give it a rest you're dominating discussions, even the site.
    I dont know if i'm the only one who has this view or maybe i should shut up and leave, but i couldn't continue without voicing my opinion.

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