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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jul 20, 2012 16:03 Flag

    Dimitar Berbatov says it is better he leaves Manchester United

    For 5 mil and the right attitude (ok, he'll always look languid, but as long as he ain't whingeing), I'll take him back in a heartbeat. no he doesn't fit the coming youth movement, however a youth movement needs some steadying sages in their midst to keep them focused (oh and did you see that volley he did against that SA tema the other day...the man's still got it...great save by the keeper to match...in fact, that keeper was making great saves all game...someone might want to go check him out!).

    Berbatov...come back, all his forgiven (as long as your goals to games ratio stays where it is or improves...wink).