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  • Jlock Jlock Jul 18, 2012 09:11 Flag

    To Ade or not to Ade that is the question....

    I thought Ade was a done deal (actually finalised) - but now it appears from the rumours that he hasn't signed and that the talks between Ade and Spurs have hit a stumbling block.
    One month til the start of the season, one (two-three if you count VdV/Two Saints) striker on the books? Hopefully the Ade rumours are just that and he will sign, but even with him on board, we'll need another recognised striker. Be interesting who Levy/AvB go for over the next month - maybe we'll do a Spain and play without a striker.

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    • I don't want him, we should be trying for Damiao/Hulk, Adebayor misses to many chances.

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      • I thought that (ie that Ade wasn't on fire in front of goal) last season - but somehow he still managed to get 18 goals. Makes you wonder how many he could have got if he'd been on form or if the 'offside' goals had been allowed. What I liked about him though was his all round play. He managed, what, 11 assists as well?

    • I reckon your lot should go for either Giroud or Podolski.

      Oh.......hold on!


    • JL,

      I was of the opinion Ade had signed, apparently not!

      I imagine, but concede I have absolutely no proof, that the stumbling block is a financial one. Ade was reportedly on £175k a week at Citeh!!! our highest earner gets, what? £80k at most?! That's a massive reduction, despite £80k being more than adequate, all things are relative. If there is a 'compromise'- more likely he will be given a socking great signing on fee, rather than shatter our rigid pay structure to meet him.

      We played VDV as a second striker/forward last season (I know at times he looked like a sweeper), so unless AVB has ideas on VDV taking Luka's position in CM (where he has played for Holland) then I imagine (again I have no proof) he will be using him in the same way HR did.

      If Defoe stays (linked with Reading) we will then have the same front 3 available to us as we did last year (I've heard Jonny2Saints is off to Spain- good luck to him). On paper Ade/VDV/Defoe gives us a lot of versatility and options, however IMO all three could have been better last year and therefore looking at other options as well would be my preference. IE Huntlaar, Sturridge, Hulk, Rossi.

      Of course there is much time for inward-outward players to change, also we don't really know what system AVB will look to employ. I believe if you keep doing the same things, you are likely to get the same results, so with that in mind I'd like AVB/Levy to consider other striking options.

      I'm of the opinion that, currently we don't have the quality in midfield to play without a striker.

      Either way, I'd like to see AVB/Levy get our striking options sorted asap, as right now we only have VDV who has stated he will be here in August, that thought is likely to divide opinion.

      Will Kane get a chance next season?

      Sorry, this reply has become rather wordy,


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      • Joe,
        My '...play like Spain ...' comment was a joke (or should I say intended as a joke).

        'If Defoe stays (linked with Reading) we will then have the same front 3 available to us as we did last year....'

        The difference with the strikers this season is that we started last season with Pav and ended with Saha. Ok those two may be discounted as being makeweights, but they were available and scored a few goals between them (actually Saha had a very good goals per minute played ratio).
        This season, Saha has gone and so has Pav. So even if Ade does sign, we're a striker down. Personally, I would expect the squad to have 'redundancy' in each position, so basically 4 strikers available.

        As for Kane, he's young, so won't take a squad place - a good option to have around, but if he's not going to get regular games, then he'd be better off out on loan IMO.

        We've semi balanced the midfield with Krancjar going and Sigurdsson in.
        It will also be interesting to see what happens then with the likes of Cudicini, Gomes,Piennar, Bassong,King, Gallas, Bentley and Jenas. I see that Alnwick went. Maybe Caulker will become part of the squad this season as well.

        I must admit that I had expected a lot more early activity in the market from us - but maybe the inactivity is simply down to AVB needing time to assess what he has in the squad.