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  • Joe Joe Jul 19, 2012 16:49 Flag

    Ledley retires.....

    For me Ledley will always be a club Icon and a living Legend.

    I've heard he will stay at the club in an ambassador role, I don't know what that means but I hope he will be more involved than the occasional after dinner speech or doing community stuff, IMO he should be used to help develop our defence- Surely Caulker can learn from him?

    With regards to the CB's situation- I hope Gallas and Bassong move on- That'll leave us with Dawson-Caulker-Jan-Unit, as Khamolu has already joined PAOK on loan- Remmah I agree, he was a marketing tool. With only 4 CB's, I'd want one more at least, possibly another LB/RB would be ideal.

    I hope the majority of our dealing will be done soon, as JL points out, we will be off to USA soon and It'd be better if all 2012-13 players were in tow!


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    • my favourite all time spurs player has just retired!
      king, legend, icon, 1 team man etc.
      glad the club have kept him on.
      but as joe said, he would make a great defensive coach.
      imagine him working with players like caulker but also with any of our youth team defenders.

      khamolu will never play for us. & if he does, we must be in huge trouble to need to play him. on loan anyway.

      bassong isnt good enough for us. gallas is on his last legs & isnt good enough for us anymore. he would do well for someone like west ham.

      im happy with the 4 we got. but 1 more would do nicely.
      maybe samba? haangeland?
      id try to do a cheeky players swap for haangeland.
      mr jol, we will give u bentley,bassong & gomes for haangeland.
      its daylight robbery! we must be out of our minds.