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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Jul 19, 2012 18:22 Flag

    Ledley retires.....

    All the best to King of The Lane.

    Moving on, do we really need 5 CB's? Caulker's proven he can hang with the rigours of the Prem (last season with Swansea he did quite well, from what I could see). I'll do my usual wait and see with Vert. a fit Dawson and Kaboul know what its all about...the problem will be who DOESN'T play out of the 4. Agreed about Gallas and Bassong.

    I'll get a first hand view of what's on offer next week (I doubt that the squad will be settled by then...as in Modric out and a replacement in...plus filling a couple other gaps...RB being the pressing one... oh and striker(s)...especially as the Ade thing is up in the air again [wages].

    Wonder whats happening with Kyle Naughton (I heard someone was after him)...AVB's analysing all the players, so you never know.

    VDV's staying put (you all know what i think of that...although, I can't deny his stats...but at what cost!)