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  • Jlock Jlock Jul 19, 2012 11:57 Flag

    Ledley retires.....

    Best wishes to the man in whatever he now does.
    I hope that the Spurs board can find a slot for him and make use of his playing knowledge and experience.

    Kaboul, Daws, Vertonghen, Bassong, Gallas, Khumalo, Caulker (of which I would guess Gallas and Bassong will go) - solid enough or do we then (on the assumption that Gallas, Bassong do go) need another experienced CB?

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    • Im pleased to see Ledley call it a day, probably should of done it before the start of last season, then we might of got Cahill or Samba..It's a shame how his career was ruined by injury, as I believe he had the potential to be one of the best CBs in the world. One of the few English player's to play with his brain in gear, and dont know the stats, but must of had one of the best disiplinary record's for games played than any defender. I think we do need another CB as I dont think Khumalo will be playing for us, because Imo, he was bought as a commercial tool, considering our links to South Africa, rather than a serious player purchase

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      • Re disciplinary, apparently he got 10 yellows over all games (326 appearances) and 8 yellows in in the prem (268 appearances). He's never been sent off for Spurs (apparently - I thought I remembered it happening once).

        Genuinely feel sad about it, I've thought for a while it'd be for the best for his health to retire, but still sad to see it finally happen. Whadda guy.

      • For me Ledley will always be a club Icon and a living Legend.

        I've heard he will stay at the club in an ambassador role, I don't know what that means but I hope he will be more involved than the occasional after dinner speech or doing community stuff, IMO he should be used to help develop our defence- Surely Caulker can learn from him?

        With regards to the CB's situation- I hope Gallas and Bassong move on- That'll leave us with Dawson-Caulker-Jan-Unit, as Khamolu has already joined PAOK on loan- Remmah I agree, he was a marketing tool. With only 4 CB's, I'd want one more at least, possibly another LB/RB would be ideal.

        I hope the majority of our dealing will be done soon, as JL points out, we will be off to USA soon and It'd be better if all 2012-13 players were in tow!


    • All the best to King of The Lane.

      Moving on, do we really need 5 CB's? Caulker's proven he can hang with the rigours of the Prem (last season with Swansea he did quite well, from what I could see). I'll do my usual wait and see with Vert. a fit Dawson and Kaboul know what its all about...the problem will be who DOESN'T play out of the 4. Agreed about Gallas and Bassong.

      I'll get a first hand view of what's on offer next week (I doubt that the squad will be settled by then...as in Modric out and a replacement in...plus filling a couple other gaps...RB being the pressing one... oh and striker(s)...especially as the Ade thing is up in the air again [wages].

      Wonder whats happening with Kyle Naughton (I heard someone was after him)...AVB's analysing all the players, so you never know.

      VDV's staying put (you all know what i think of that...although, I can't deny his stats...but at what cost!)

    • Thankyou Ledley future Tottenham hall of famer