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  • Jlock Jlock Jul 23, 2012 07:55 Flag

    Player Power

    I don't think it's the money side that pees me off. That's just a fluke of the business they happen to be in.
    It just seems wrong that a player, who has agents to advise him, signs a contract (and these contracts cover early release, exceptional circumstances etc) and then just simply says '....I now want blah, so I'm feeling aggrieved and I'm going to stop working until you let me have what I want.....' - and totally ignores what they've signed.
    If they have doubts, then don't sign a long contract. Build in get out clauses - a contract is a two way thing. It's not beyond the wit of man. It's not like a standard employment contract, where an employee has no say and it's a case of '...take it or leave it...'.
    But I bet, the players go for the long contracts, because the clubs say '....look, if you sign for 4 years, we'll give you an extra £10k pw...that's £2m....' .

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    • Two things - firstly the players in the cases quoted, and this is usually the case in these high profile events, are so rich they don't care about being taken to Court and anyway, whatever new deal they are trying to get from another club would cover the cost of losing in Court anyway.

      Secondly, there is a huge difference between say a Nurse witholding their labour and a PL player - the PL player is an asset that is worth a LOT of money to the club and therefore the power siuation is very different. Nurses are not for sale.

      Presumably if a club took a player to Court for reneging on his contract the worst that could happen is the player has to pay up whatever is in the contract salary wise plus a small compensation amount, but that negates it leaving the player to walk away without a fee for his sale to another cluib. We are talking millions here.

      The problem has grown in line with the huge increases in how much these guys get paid. It won't go away now as there is little chance of any massive rebellion by the PL clubs and salaries being renegotiated downwards to a more realistic level. Face it, PL players are now in control and only the very few that have any sense of dignity will act honourably.

      The only mitigating factor is that anybody employed on a contract for services always has the threat of that contract being terminated. For every case where the player forces a move by witholding labour there are probably hundreds of others (albeit in the lower divisions but not necessarily) that get laid off without any compensation. This could be through injury or, and I know this personally, because someone somewhere decides they are not good enough. It doesn't make what Modric is doing right of course but it does put a slightly different light on it.