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  • Jlock Jlock Aug 8, 2012 10:23 Flag

    Player Power

    I'm just never sure with these 'rumours' if it's down to people having to fill column inches, whether in print or on blogs etc or if they just like causing hassle.

    Yahoo is showing two different 'rumours' re Modric's transfer stall over value. One (the Sun?) shows completely different figures to the other (Mirror). Millions different.

    The problem with all of this is that it isn't 'open'. I still advocate having a central body controlling transfers. A place where offers can be lodged and seen. A place where clubs can register players that are also open to transfer and the min offer value that would be accepted (the old transfer list). I would also advocate that any offer has to go through this body - to save tapping up allegations. But then that would stop the press having a field day and selling papers.

    We don't know why AVB hasn't bought (maybe down to Levy not providing money or the right player not being available or our wage structure or the player not wanting to come to us...etc), just the fact that we have so far released Saha, Krancjar, Corluka, King, Nelsen, Pienaar, Alnwick (and the end Ade's loan term) and brought in Vertonghen and Sigurdsson.

    I'm not sure what Levy hopes to achieve with Modders either. If he ends up staying, then fine'ish (as he signed a contract to stay until what, 2016?), but aren't the buying clubs diminishing? Will RM wait, or simply buy a.n. other player? The Chavs bought 20 midfielders and no longer appear to be in the market. Utd may be - but will they wait and isn't £40m now a bit steep for them? So it seems that Modders £40m valuation (if true), is really a '...we're just not going to sell him...'. It's a really tricky situation. I just hope Modders is the professional and carries on (as he should).